Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Something Useful

Finally I can blog about something useful. When I was first told about this I had my doubts, but now, well, ok lets see what you think.

The other day while at the grocery store my youngest girl calls and tells me she needs a bottle of Castor Oil and a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Of course being the curious guy that I am, I asked why. She said it was for her face.
For the past couple of years now my daughter has had bad acne along her brow line. She is really embarrassed about it and always wore her bangs down to hide her forehead. We have spent a lot of money buying different facial products to help her out and nothing has worked. She finally got tired of it and took it upon herself to find something that worked.
So being the good dad that I am, I didn't argue with her oil request but I knew and told her you cannot put oil on your face as a cleaner but what do I know, I'm a guy. She corrected me by saying these oils mixed together will break down your skin oil and clean your pores.

This is what she did :
1 teaspoon of Castor Oil
3 teaspoons of EVOO
The dryer your skin is, you add a little more EVOO
The oilier your skin is, you add a little more Castor Oil.
Mix them together and rub on your dry face for one minute using your fingers. Do not wet your face before.  
Then place a hot rag on your face to steam your pores.
After that, just wipe off and that's it.  

 The next day I was curious about how well this worked. She was so excited, every bit of the acne was gone. She said it would take up to three days, but it was a overnight success for her. 

Now she wears her bangs back showing that beautiful face off like she should. 

I bet you never figured on a post like this in a Rednecks blog hu? I didn't either.


  1. Good for you girl! You needed to and did take action for yourself and the older you get the more you need to think outside the box!

  2. That makes sense, really. Pledge, which is oil based, is the best thing for removing waxy crayon markings from wood furniture. I know wax and oil aren't exactly the same ...but chemically, they are cousins and when mixed together, they readily combine.

    Good for the daughter ...she has moxy!

  3. As we say way down here in Dixie, Bless her little heart. Good for her. Hey, us good 'ole boy rednecks do have the ability to learn, huh...

  4. Youkon Mike- She smiled when she read your comment

    HossBoss - I am not to proud to say i was wrong. I guess I need to listen to her more often.

    Stephen - Who would have ever thunk it.

  5. Hey MDR, did you know that EVOO and castor oil mixed with the proper amount of lye and milk(or water) makes the most awesome soap(castile) on the planet? Olive oil is amazing stuff ya know ;)

  6. mmpaints - I did not know that. We have not bridged that gap to home made soaps yet. I was wanting to this year but it has not worked out so far. I wish the wife would just take it by the horns and start it.

  7. This post was heart warming. We use castor oil ourselves as you suggested however not mixed with EVOO. I had an acne problem a little over a year ago from hormone replacements. It was really embarrassing. I thought it would clear up after I stopped taking the medication but it didn't. Finally we found a Neutrogena product that cleared it right up. There is nothing worst than being ashamed of your face.

    You are a good father, MDR. I admire the fact that you will fess up when you are wrong and you are willing to listen to a female. Can you give a few lessons to the men in my family?