Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Plugging Away

I wanted to take a minute to share with y'all a couple of great blogs that I read. One is new, One I just found and the others are ones I have not mentioned before.  If you feel compelled to check one out just tell them the Redneck sent ya.  

This guy is a good friend of mine and it is a shame that we live to far away to visit more. I could talk to him for hours. A historian, gun toting, flag waving red blooded American. You will enjoy what he writes.   

Here is a guy that just got started in the blog world. After his first post it was hard not to hit the follow button so he is now on my blog roll. He comes highly recommended.  

I have been reading this guys Mountain adventures for a couple of months now. I live through his blog . You will love some of the pictures he posts. It is so comforting to know there are still places like that left in the world.   

I want to tell y'all what, this young couple has it figured out. I wished I could have started doing this when I was their age. It has been a real pleasure reading about the farm.

I am not getting any money from plugging these blogs. They are great blogs that I would like to share with y'all, that's all. I think some of us already read them but if you don't then here is your chance.
Please don't get offended if I did not put yours up here. Shoot me an email or a comment, ask and I will.
Thank y'all for showing your support. 


  1. It's a scary day when I realize me and MDR are on the same wavelength. I follow most of them, and added the last one.

    All good blogs, and yours too. Y'alls info will save my life one day.

  2. Mudbug - Thanks for the quick response.
    It appears most of us are all in the same circle. If one is following a good blog then most are not far behind. It's not that we are sheepeople in any sorts, it's just we are all interested in the same thing, working and learning to survive.
    Thank you for the compliment.

  3. 1) Construction review reports don’t write themselves, so any distraction from the fog of engineering is an acceptable break. Especially when writing about aerated wastewater lagoons.
    2) I don’t think any of us are sheeple. I think we have formed a tight knit community of survivalists that feed each other with what works (and doesn’t), drawing on our unique skill sets. I’ve always considered Y’all my support group to “Survivalists Anonymous”, proving on a daily basis that I’m not as ready as I should be and more importantly, I’m not crazy.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. I have already browsed those you follow in search of common interest. ;)

    My only problem is having enough time to follow them all. So I have them on my personal profile and slowly adding them to H.H.

  5. Added two to my blogroll, linked one, others are already on my blogroll. Sure is a small world isn't it. All good friends.

  6. Mudbug - I have built one or two aerated waste water lagoons in my day. Is is primary or just for overflow?
    I feel the same way about the group. That is why I am always looking for new blogs to introduce into the like minded group.
    Thanks for the reply.

    HH- I understand about the time problem. Some days I do not get a chance to read them all and other days I can read them but not comment. Yesterday I could not get some to load right and they did not take my comments. I tried three times on Stephen's blog but it just would not let me do it.
    Thanks for commenting.

    Stephen - I agree, it has become a a small world of friends. Thank you friend for linking to them and showing support.

  7. MDR,

    it's for a small community, so it's two aerated lagoons, chloronator, then finishing pond. The only electric part of the plant is a 15hp blower for the aerators. All gravity fed. and a 1.5 foot drop from inlet to discharge. Not fun to design.

  8. It actually is. It's my first project. I got it the day I graduated from college. Tossed on my desk with the demand that it get checked and sent to the state within a week for approval. The grant money runs out tomorrow, and we spent Friday putting in 2 of the liners. So busting tail to finish.

  9. Hey MDR, We are a close community of "preppers", arent we? YOF used to come into preppers chat all the time, I miss him and HossBoss.

  10. mmpaints - Every blog I find that interest me I see several of y'all already read it. Yes it is a close little world.