Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Snacks

I was over at my Mom's the other day and she handed me a cup full of little dried up green things and said "Here, try this". Normally I would not hesitate but looking at these things I was not sure what I was about to put in my mouth. I will try anything once, twice if I like it. So without further to do, I grabbed a hand full of whatever it was and shoved it in.

I want to tell you what, I have never had dehydrated okra before so it was a surprise how good it tasted. The wife ended up eating the rest of the cup and the next thing I knew I was in the garden picking okra.

If you never had it and want to try it, then this is how we did it.
Don't use any okra over about 3", It is to tough.
Slice the okra into 1/4 inch pieces.
Place on dehydrator trays and sprinkle with seasoning salt.
Dehydrate until dried.
And that's it.
I love these are a healthy little snacks and I bet you do too.

I wanted to say howdy to a few new members of the family.
Howdy and welcome to Modern Day Redneck. Don't be shy about your comments. If you take the time to comment then  I will take the time to respond. If you need anything just let me know.
Again, thanks for joining and welcome to the family. 


  1. I love fried okra. Why not, I'm as southern as they come. hehe. Thanks for the cookin' lesson.

  2. Mike - I have had fried okra, pickled okra, grilled okra, okra in my gumbo and I am sure I am forgetting some other ways I've had it, but I never had dehydrated okra.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Isn't dried okra awesome? I figured out how to make it a couple of years ago and just love it. I've learned a couple of cool tricks about it too. One is that you can season it all sorts of ways. I really like using cajun seasoning on it. The other thing is that not only is it a super snack like it is, you can re-hydrate it and it comes back just like fresh, right down to the "slime" and fries up perfectly. I love being able to have fried okra in the middle of winter!

  4. I really need to purchase a dehydrator. What a great idea.

  5. any idea of the storage life of dried okra?

  6. Sorry MDR, you can keep the stuff! That is one vegie I have tried and tried again, and is not for me. - Izzy

  7. I wish we had okra to try it with. You can bet when we do will will be trying this.

  8. I like fried okra with garlic. I don't like the okra in a can though, never could warm to that.

  9. Sorry for the late reply.

    SciFiChick - We did some with Cajun seasoning and that is our fav. Thanks for letting me know you can re-hydrate them, I will have to try it out.

    Stephen - You can do so much with one. We actually have three. The one where I can control the temp is used for Jerky and the others are for veggies.

    Warlock - I have not done it before but In a year I will be able to tell you if they are still good. I put them in a vacuumed Kerr jar and added a air minus pack for good measure. We will see.

    Izzy - I have a few friends with the same outlook on okra, then they try my pickled okra and end up eating the whole jar.

    Genevieve - Okra is the only thing left in my garden. If I do not have enough, I just run over to my mom's garden and she has enough for everybody.

    ATH - The canned stuff is not good at all. I won't eat it unless it comes from the garden and cooked right. Most people do not know how to even cook it.

  10. After reading the comments here I figured I would check out some of the dried okra I did in the summer of 09. I have had it stored in a vacuum sealed jar (the last of the batch) and so broke it out, re-hydrated it and fried it up! It was great... so this batch was good for 2 years. Hope that helps some!