Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Made A Promise

I made a promise not to talk about the heat any more so I won't. Not much else to talk about though.
OK, on a technicality I will not talk about how hot it is, but I can talk about the effects of the heat.
Here, take a look.


  1. Yikes! What are those posts supporting?

    Same hot, hot down here. I sure am looking forward to fall and winter!

  2. I remember that black clay all to well. Now I am back in the sandy loam I am so familiar with. Not much better but at least I don't have cracks in my hard I can fall to China through.

  3. I didn't promise.
    It's hotter'n blue blazes here in NC. 102 today, again! Daughter lives just north of Dallas, I heard 109 for her. ;)
    Rabbits all hugged up on the ice bottles and taking it easy.

  4. That is dry!..We are getting some rain tonite here in NW Kansas. Some areas are having flash floods. 3 inches plus in less than an hour. We are just having light drizzle. Don't do much good to have it all at once. Once again our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. Today here in my neck of the woods it is forecasted to hit 110. Yesterday we had 105. I hate summer, like the thought of it, just don't like its effect on me. My friend, our morning rag ran an article that said you should have the dry and hot weather well into October. Sorry.

  6. It is still brutally hot here as well. I can't remember a summer like this one, and the winter we had was the worst for sleet, ice , and snow in thirty years.

  7. Thank yall for commenting.
    HossBoss. Those posts are supporting the main fence. I can grab one and wiggle the fence all the way down.
    I hope yall are fairing well with this.

    Genevieve - My pour fruit trees have sunk down so low. I dug out a big hole and filled it with sand and the cracks have eaten most of the sand now.

    Mike - I live about an hour North of Dallas so I know what she is going through.
    We ended up bringing our rabbits in the house yesterday because we lost our buck and did not want to loose any more.

    John - I should hope we do not get flash floods. With all the cracks it would wash every bit of sand I had hauled in right down.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Stephen - Your just full of good news aren't ya.

  8. WOW!!!!! But at least it's a dry heat. Bwaahahahahahaa. Just had to be said.

  9. I think you are sooo evil SFG! LOL. I bet we all have a very bad winter this winter as well...

  10. I have bad news my friend.

    This is not good news for Texas at all.

    On another note. Our house in Princeton has the foundation cracked like a jigsaw puzzle because of that black clay. Once I put a water hose in a crack to see how long it took to fill up. It never did.

    Keep you chin up. I pray we get some relief soon. No matter what the forecast. I believe in a Higher Power.

  11. Is it safe to say I should pray for rain? LOL. Hope you get an end to it just started to rain here again.

  12. Sorry guys, I don't know how I missed these replies. I will try and do better.

    SFG - That is what we say about death valley.

    Denise - It looks like it. I know I need a lot of wood just in case.

    Genevieve - I think this is how I missed these replies. I went to the web site you gave here and got frustrated and just turned off the computer.
    I did the same thing with the hose the first year I was here and I don't know where all the water was going. I was probably filling up a pond in China.

    Mandy - I am glad that someone is getting it.

    Thank yall for the comments, sorry for the late response.