Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sundays Mini Farm Pictures

Today is all about family. We are having a going away dinner for the oldest so some friends and family are coming by to slap her on the back and tell her good luck.  We are taking her down there this Thursday and helping her get moved into her dorm room.
We are going ahead with the dinner in spite of spending the day in the ER with the middle girl yesterday. She gave us a really big scare and we decided to rush her in. The doctors were able to rule out many worrisome things but she still needs to go the the specialist tomorrow for more tests.

We did get some rain yesterday morning, about an inch or so and the cloud cover made it stay nice and cool. I don't think it ever got above 93 or so. It was way to nice of a day to spend in the hospital.  
I have not posted many pictures this week so I thought I would catch up on some "Around the Mini Farm" pictures.

Yall have a great week and thank you for stopping by.


  1. Hope your girl gets better. She sure doesnt want to be sick right before school starts. Good luck to your oldest. She's going to do great I know.

  2. I'm glad the doctors were able to rule out the more worrisome things with the middle daughter and I'll be saying some prayers for ya'll tomorrow when she goes to the specialist. Life pulls us in so many directions at once sometimes. My thoughts and prayers are with your oldest and her first day away at college just around the corner. As a parent who has 'weaned' two of my own ...I can say with surety that she will be accustomed to and comfortable in her new independence much quicker than you and the missus will. But you will survive, I promise.

    : )

  3. My prayers are with you and your family. One off to a new adventure and the other facing the unknown. With the strength of the family you will all thrive in the end. Have a great day with the family.

  4. You sure have some odd looking chickens, MDR. That one looks like it is wearing a suit made out of feathers.

    Sorry about the family turmoil. I know how that is, believe me.

  5. Hope all turns out well. Prayers to you all.

  6. All the best to your family. Looks like a heckuva week.

  7. Thank yall for the comments. I will let yall know what all happens in a week or so.
    Thanks again for your thoughts, prayers and continued support.