Monday, August 29, 2011

I Thought I Was Done With It

I don't understand it. With her first pay check, the youngest girl went out and bought more show rabbits. I thought we were done with the show rabbits.

They are of the Mini Satin breed and come with good records so I guess we will see. I have been down this road before though. I think she wanted them just for the local and county shows next year and not for breeding this time.


  1. Once you have rabbits, you always will have rabbits. lol

  2. Ah, so sweet. I just love those furry little things.


  3. Thank y'all for the comments.
    HossBoss - Yes they are, thank you.

    SFG - I know, I just thought we were done with all the show rabbits. I want to keep some on the place just for the poo, but show rabbits cost to much to feed.

    Red - Yup, so does the youngest girl. As long as she works them I do not have an issue with her having show rabbits. There is no reason to feed them the high dollar food if they are not going in the ring. The poo is all I am after.

  4. It could be worse. She could want to collect sports cars or something expensive like that!