Sunday, August 21, 2011

Something To Write About

I took a week off from the blog world to focus on some things that were happening in my life that took my 100% undivided attention. Even though I was not writing something every night does not mean yall out there in blogger land were not on my mind.

This week has had it's ups and downs let me tell you and there is way to much to write about in just one sitting. First I will say this much, last Saturday we were sitting in the Emergency Room with my middle girl curled up in pain, not knowing what the future might bring. Yall and the church came together, prayed for her and Monday the pain was gone, she is back to normal and she is now all the sudden cleared to play sports again. How can anyone second guess that our God is the one in charge? I have never seen anything like it.

That was of course was the high of the week, but the low is when we said goodby to the oldest. Thursday was the day we dropped her off at college over four hours away. I have done a lot of things in my short forty years and I will tell you  this, that was the hardest thing I have ever done. I will not bore yall with all the sappy thoughts I have about this, but I can tell you I miss her something awful. I never thought it would be this hard.

The well also went out again this week. All I did was laugh at it. It was not as bad as the last time and I was able to fix the electrical malfunction myself. It's just adding more milk to what is already sour so to speak.

School starts tomorrow for the kids. They are geared up for it and even though we tried to prep for that expense as much as we could, it still shocked us on what everything costs just to educate your kids. The schools want you to buy triple of everything so the illegal's kids can have the same chance as the hard working, tax paying American citizen's kids have. I know it's not the kids fault, but it is still the fact of the matter and I don't like it.

A lot more things happened this last week but that is all I am going to bore you with for now. Thank yall for sticking by and I really think those of yall who prayed for the middle girl. It worked.        


  1. Good news about the middle girl. God is so great. I know you miss the oldest. These four years of college she spends at college several hours from home are the dress rehearsal for you guys AND her of the day she graduates from college and REALLY sets out on her own. But a close family remains close even when geography gets in the way.

    Looking forward to meeting the oldest for dinner one day next week! You and the Mrs just be proud of your girl ...ya done good!

  2. I am glad to hear everything worked out with your daughter. What a blessing. I believe very strongly in the power of prayers. I have seen to much to believe otherwise.

    My prayers go with your daughter as she starts this new and wonderful adventure in college. I am sure she will have many stories to tell. Remember the holidays are not to far off and she will be back home for them.

    It is good to see you back. You were missed.

  3. Thank yall for commenting.

    HB - Her degree is 6 to 8 years. I was hoping she would change her major to business or something like that and go to school up here at UNT. That is not but 45 minutes away.
    I hope yall have a good time at dinner.

    Genevieve - You are right about that power. I have seen some really neat things you, I guess, could say was a coincidence if you really wanted to, but what the middle girl did was truly prayer working.
    The oldest said she will be back at the end of next month for the wife's 40th birthday. I look forward in that.
    Thank you, Yall were missed as well.

  4. I know what you mean about dropping your kid off at college. It's supposed to be a great day but it sure tugs at your heart. But the strangest experience was watching him drive away from the house by himself for the first time after he got his license. His whole life he had depended on me to get him where he needed to be and then in one minute BAM, there he went off by himself. Anyway my name is Don, I like your blog, just thought i'd leave a comment.

  5. That is indeed good new for your daughter..may I ask what made her sick? Or did I miss that...

    Hey, sappy emotions for those beautiful children are right up my alley. I have them all the time for mine. Old big guys have a license to be sappy.

    Nice to have you back. I've been gone for a few days myself.

  6. Don - Thank you for leaving a comment.
    Watching her drive away for the fist time was up till then the hardest thing I had done. Driving away from her at college so far was the hardest and next I am sure it will be walking her down the isle at her weeding. The preacher better re-word the question he always asks "Who gives this woman to this man", cause I cannot give her to anybody.
    Thanks for being a reader of MDR and if you have not done so then I encourage you to hit the fallow button. Keep the comments coming.

    Stephen - Take a seat, this reply is long.
    No you did not miss it, I never said. Without writing out a long deal on her condition and not being able to spell half the words, I will say it had to do with her heart and lungs. Last Sat. we thought she was in heart failure and that is why we rushed her to the ER.
    It was a birth defect or sorts. Yes the defect is still there but by grace alone, the body just all the sudden made itself accustom to it. I only know of one way that can happen.

    About being sappy, I am not scared of any man that walks upright and I have won every fight I ever fought, but those girls of mine can bring me to my knees quicker than anything. The wife gets so mad at me for "giving in". I just tell her I cannot help it. I am 6'4" 280 pounds and those little girls can kick my butt by just looking at me. You know what I mean.

    It is good to be back. I hope your days off were as uplifting as mine. I called it a priority check. I don't plan to hit this blog with the intensity I was at. It was taking up to much time in the evenings and leaving out the most important things. Not saying yall aint important, but you know what I mean. When I got home from work the first thing I did was sit at the computer, then the supper bell would ring and then right back to the computer again. Before I knew it, the wife was telling me it was time for bed. This happened every night and I was leaving some very important people out of my life. I don't have much more time with the other two girls so I don't want to waste it sitting behind a computer every night. I know everyone understands that and if I miss a night or two then I am sure those who know me on here will know why.
    Thanks Steven for the comment and if there was some way to send you a jar of pickled okra without you giving off your exact location just let me know. I will put one in the mail.

  7. I'm glad things are going well. Don't feel badly about your daughter off at college. My kids left some years back and I missed them a lot , but I know that it was the right thing. They have to get out on their own sometime.

  8. ATH - I had a buddy of mine tell me the other day he wanted to slap some since in me over the oldest going away. I understand it all and I understand the circle of life, leave and cleave and all that, but this is the same buddy where his two girls are grown and live just down the road from him.