Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quality Time With The Wife

The one thing I hate is shopping. Don't get me wrong, I like going to some certain stores and yes sometimes I just wonder around looking at all the nice new things I cannot afford (like Cheaper Than Dirt), but just shopping for the heck of it is such a waste of time. When I do go, I have a two store limit and that's it.
When I go into town I Try and get the stuff I need and get out. There is no reason to hop from store to store all day and only get one or two things at each location.  I don't care if it's ten cents cheaper across town, it's not worth it.

After spending the morning over at my Mom and Dad's finishing the barn rebuild, the wife wanted to go with our friends D&R to do some shopping. Here is how the conversation went,

The wife: Do you want to go shopping with D&R?

Me: For what?

The Wife: I don't know, just shopping.

Me: Where are they going?

The Wife: Just a couple of stores, I don't know.

Me: You know we can't get anything.

The Wife: I know.

Me: Then why are we going?

The Wife: Just to get out I guess.

Me: Na, I don't need anything and don't want to go if I can't buy nothing.

The Wife: .........................

Me: Dear, why do we need to go out in this heat and walk around the stores when we know we can't buy anything?

The Wife: Fine! We won't go.

Me: Come on now, there ain't no reason to just go walk around and look.

The Wife: Whatever!

So anyway the outing went well. The heat did not keep people from getting out today. The stores were full and the only parking was a five minute walk to the doors. We ended up going to Gander Mountain, The Academy, Sam's and finally Albertson's. I heard mention of Walmart and told them if we went to Walmart I would throw a fit like a three year old girl.
Ha, victory! No Walmart. It's the small battles she lets me win that makes me feel like I have the sayso around here.

I did get to buy a couple of boxes of ammo at Gander Mountain, so it made it all worth it.    


  1. You're too funny, MDR.

    A threat from YOU to throw a fit like a three year old girl would scare me away from taking you to Walmart too. Some of the fits I'VE seen thrown by three year olds could pass for a break dancing audition if you could just mute the squalling. I'm not sure the aisles in the Walmarts around here are big enough for you to throw that kind of fit!

  2. Yeah, that "Whatever" says you are skating on thin ice so you better redirect quickly. Glad you survived the near miss.

  3. HossBoss, Now that you have met me and pictured what that would really look like with me kicking and screaming like a kid is funny. And your right, most aisles are not big enough.
    Also, thanks for the good advise on the oldest girls blog.

    Genevieve - What I did not describe was the look that came with "Whatever". That is when I knew I needed to go.

    Thank yall for the comments.

  4. I know that look very well. I too get it sometimes. When I do, I know I better do whatever it takes to back stroke very very quickly and all will be well in my world. If I took a stupid pill and don't amend it in time. There is a long peiod of suffing to follow.

  5. Genevieve - Sounds like you got it figured out. I am just to stubborn and hard headed to drop it sometimes even though I know I should.

  6. Sometimes we just need to get away from here for a bit. I often feel like if I'm here I ought to be working. We used to go to the beach, to this little town that we really liked, two or three times a year. But since 2008 we have had to be more careful of our money, so we do more of what you did. We go to a big town across the state line, and just look at things, to see what's new. We might but a little something but nothing expensive. It helps keep our morale up and when I get home, I feel more appreciative of it.

  7. ATH - In the end it all worked out and I did have a good time.