Monday, August 22, 2011

My "Go To" Crop

The one crop that never fails to grow in these harsh Texas weather conditions is Okra.

I have dried several jars of Okra and have now started pickling it as well. We eat pickled okra like it is going out of style so the more the better.
We may not have fresh canned tomatoes, potatoes or any other fresh canned garden veggies on the shelves that would have been there if we could have had some rain, but we sure do have the Okra. My Mom and Dad always plants way more okra in their gardens that can ever be eaten. If it was not for that, I guess I would have to buy it instead.      


  1. Awesome! I wish we had gotten around to planting some.

  2. I do love my pickled okra...yes I I want some.

  3. Thank yall for commenting.

    HH - Might have to wait till next year now. I love this crop because when all else fails, you can count on Okra.

    Stephen - It does not matter how many jars we pickle, we never have enough.
    If you had a Shipping address I could send you a jar.

  4. Zip me an email if you like..not just for pickles, but for any reason.

    Hate to post it here, it's listed on my sidebar on the blog.

  5. I buy a lot of the Margaret Holmes canned Okra. You can get Okra and tomatoes, Okra and squash, etc. Good stuff. I don't like it by itself, though.

  6. ATH - I am with you on that. I have to cook it myself before I will eat it. Most people pickle okra and it is rubbery and slimy. I like mine because it is crisp and fresh.