Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Adventures

First off I want to say thank you to all who supported and left comments on DFW's guest post. It was fun and I have invited her to do it again anytime. 

This last month the oldest has been home from college and it has gone by really quick. We were so busy with work and living we did not get the chance to hang out have fun together as much as I wanted. Plus the weather was really bad for most of the month making it where we couldn't do anything even if we wanted to.  
Several times we did get to sit down at the supper table together as a family and once or twice she did get the chance to come outside and help me on the projects. She even completed one of my projects herself while I worked beside her on another. That's good memories right there.
I think it will be just as hard to say goodby this Sunday as it was the first time I did it a few months ago, but she will be back for the summer and I already have some fun things planned (I've got a few camping sites and fishing holes I have been wanting to try out).
Anyway I am sure your tired of hearing about it so I will get off the pity bus and pull my big girl panties up and get on with the post.

If the weather holds and the wind dies down I plan to stain the Bathhouse Saturday afternoon.
I am also wanting to plumb in the sink and pressurize the system so I can check for any mishaps I might have done.
I still need to paint the water heater box, hang the lanterns, install the solar lighting, make a round curtain rod, make the name plates, fix the window and a few more other things I hope to get to this weekend. I also have a little added something the middle girl is going to paint for me on one of the outside walls, I think y'all will really like it.  
I still have a lot to do on it before I can call it complete but maybe, just maybe I can take my first shower in it Sunday night depending on if it is sunny or not.    



  1. Seems you've got your hands full. We'll be out at the Boar's Nest next weekend. It'll be a work day for sure. Take care, my friend.

  2. Thanks buddy, y'all have fun out there and be safe.

    1. Blogger is being ornery to me the last couple of days... won't let me post comments unless I try three or four times. Not even after three or four tries sometimes!

      I'm sure it's going to be hard for all of you to say goodbye when BEB heads back to college on Sunday. It will be that way every time she leaves and comes back ...same with her sisters. That's just how it is. But really, MDR ... big girl panties? That cracked me up! LOL

      You guys have a wonderful weekend!

      : )

  3. MDR buddy - ya shore got a full weekend ahead of you! but best of luck getting it all accomplished and make sure to take pics! enjoy buddy!

    your friend,

  4. Have a good one buddy, thanks again for the info. for my blog posting.

  5. Have a good weekend. Always nice to have the kids around. Mine are coming for a couple of days next week and we are looking forward to it. Good luck on getting the Bathhouse finished.

  6. I feel the same way nearly 20yr old is spreading her wings by staying two towns away with her boyfriend's family. I got to see her last night for the first time in over a week, and I was sad to see her leave. Have a great weekend and hope the weather turns around for you

  7. The kids sure do grow up fast, do9n't they?

    Hope you get the chance to try out the shower pretty soon! I'm looking forward to the art work from middle girl! Bet it will be special!

  8. Sorry it took so long to reply but I got really busy this weekend and it ain't over yet.

    HB - It was hard and yes I had them on.

    Kymber - Thanks

    Rob - Anytime

    John - I wish mine could have stayed. Have fun with yours.

    Stephanie - I just hope it gets easier.

    HJ - We are going to have to wait on the art work. I did not have the paint or the materials for it this weekend. Maybe next weekend.