Thursday, January 19, 2012

After looking for a day or two through hundreds of designs and ideas, I have settled on a design for one of my next builds.
You can find the all the info out at

I tried to get a picture of it but for some reason it would not let me, but if you click on the link and scroll half way down, there is a great pic of a home made, hand operated Washing machine.
I have it all figured out, It will sit near the solar batch water heater so I can fill it with hot water. The ringer will go between the washer and the rinse tub and then be able to swing around and be used from the rinse tub to the finished clothes basket where the clothes will be then be hung on the line.

I already have some design changes to be made to the washer. I plan to add springs so the work load will not be as hard as if you did all the pushing and pulling by hand.

The wife is not to thrilled by all this and is worried I will get busy on the laundry area build before I get her screen door up. The screen door will be put on this weekend I promise, plus the bath house signs will start being made.
The girls are looking forward in helping out on the signs.  


  1. you could make one where someone could ride a bike to work an agitator back and forth with to do the washing

  2. Pretty neat contraption, Is your wife gonna operate that? (was that a sexist comment) I am so ashamed of myself.
    BTW I have done my share of wash.

  3. Anony - Getting someone to ride that bike would be the problem.

    Stephen - That would sure agitator me.

    Duke - I have already been told no, but I plan to use it every Sunday afternoon.

  4. I saw one made out of a 55 gal. barrel that ran on bicycle power made for a 3rd world country. It was pretty cool. I wanted to make one but that is kinda low on the priority list as we don't really have any supplies for that project laying around.... yet. - Genevieve

  5. i love it!!! but since i did not have the good sense to marry a man with carpentry skills i will just have to make do with the galvanized wash tubs and the wringer. besides, i might need to lower one washtub onto the deck or in the kitchen some saturday night for a bath. by the way, i went "a-junkin" today..and found three treasures to share with you. found a hand knit blanket that weighs at least ten lbs...found a full size vintage quilt (made for a boy) and best of all i found one of those big ole pots that contains six smaller pans that each contain three tiny pans-all seal with a metal plate and all fit into the big pot that was designed to keep all the food hot...i figure here in mississippi it was probably used at one time for carrying foods to the field hands..probably cotton fields or sweet potato fields.

  6. That is sooo cool! Wish my hubby was handy to make me one! I will have to try making one, one day when I don't have a zillion other things I'm working on. Can't wait to see yours!

  7. Could one be made up using a plastic barrel?? Either upright or maybe on its side connected to a bike with a long chain??
    Maybe its time to re watch the old Gilligan's Island TV show to see what they came up with??? You could do the wash and get in shape at the same time???

    I remember seeing an episode of McHales Navy, they took a 55 gal drum punched holes in it, took it out to sea, put clothes and soap in it, sealed it tossed it overboard attached to a chain and dragged it behind the P.T.73. ;)

  8. Fabulous find MDR! Looking forward to seeing your final design:) I have a disability in my right arm, so always looking for things like this that will allow me to be off-grid but still not kill myself in the process:)

  9. G - I saw several of those but I did not like that look. I am looking for the old look.

    Anony - Sounds like you found some good stuff. I really like that food carrying pan. Do you have a official name for it?
    I plan to do some Junkin this weekend.

    Kelly - It will be made but it might take a month or so. The wife has some stuff she said is at the top of her list that I need to attend to. The bathhouse took most of the last three months and her list was put on the back burner.

    Rob - Yes it could but I want the old wood look. I do not care to ride a bike unless it had a plow seat on it so I plan to do it all out of wood. Plus, I just don't like the look of plastic barrels.

    Stephanie - Then the one Rob and G were talking about might be better for you. It only takes peddle power.