Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's Just What Rednecks Do On Our Days Off

First off I want to say Howdy and Welcome to Sissy over at for becoming the newest member of MDR. She has a real nice blog and I encourage you to take a look.
Thank you Sissy and again welcome.

New Years Eve came with clear skies, cool temperatures  and and little windy plus it did not take much to convince me I needed to do other things than work around here. For the last two months it has been cold and rainy so I guess with a day like that I wanted to do something else rather than what I needed to be doing.
So a whole bunch of us including my four girls, got together over at my dad's and threw some massive lead down range.
It was a good way to end a not so good year.

We even had a first timer join in on the fun. On the left here is my little six year old niece shooting her first pistol for the first time. Her daddy and old uncle were so proud.      

Speaking of Rabbits, the youngest girl got three more breeders to add to her stock. They are of the Satin breed.
If you are wondering the rabbits she raises are for showing and not meat. Yes, they could be eaten if need be, but meat rabbits do not go over too well here as do show rabbits.

For New Years day we did something a little different then we normally would. All my life I have had the traditional dinner with all the fixins but this year we went to an old friends daughters wedding. I have know this girl back when she was just walking and me and her daddy have been really good friends all these years. When he thanked me for coming I told him I would not have missed it for the world.  

Once back home I could not let such a beautiful day go to waste without doing something outside so me and the oldest (BEB) went out and built stuff. I will let her tell you about it on her blog but it was cool. Please check it out, here in a little bit, and tell her just how cool it really is.

I did some more stuff but will post about it later. Tomorrow will be a production day here at the Mini Farm so hold on to your hats folks.  


  1. that's just awesome buddy and i already checked in at BEB's to see what kind of mischief you two got up to!

    your friend,

  2. Glad you got to start the new year with a little 'lead therapy' ...nothing like starting your year off right!

    Your youngest needs to start a blog and educate us on raising show rabbits! I raised them for FFA but that was forty years ago ...I'm guessing a lot has changed and anything that hasn't changed, I've probably forgotten!

    : )

  3. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a day! Happy New Year to you and your family:)

  4. Thanks Kymber

    I will let her know her talents are needed HB. I think she will be all giddy about it.

    Same to you Stephanie.

  5. Great way to start the new year! Let it fly!