Friday, January 6, 2012

Secret Society Of Preppers

A guy at work came up to me the other day and asked if I was a prepper. I asked him to define the word prepper and he defined it as "Someone who prepares for what is to come".

Being a little put off by his untimely and bold approach I asked what was to come and why he would ask me that.
His said the reason he asked me was because he saw an Emergency Essentials catalog on the dashboard of my truck and the answer to what was to come, he said whatever it is you are prepping for.
Cursed, I need to be more careful with what I leave laying around.

We should have a secret handshake or a safe word we communicate to one another so we can weed out the riffraff and the nonbelievers.

I still hesitated to confirm his beliefs about me so I asked him why he wanted to know. That is all it took because he spilled his guts.

The guy introduced me to a company he uses for all his food storage needs and said he will not use any other. They are located at
 Being I have never heard of them I looked the name up and gave my information for a free sample.

A short while later a Wise Company sales rep called my cell. Yea, I was as surprised as you are. I sure didn't like him calling me but used the opportunity to ask him some questions.
I asked if the company gave out it's customer list to anyone including any government agencies. His exact words were "Absolutely not, but if they had a warrant I would have no choice" and went on to explain. He said the Mormon deal a month or so ago turned out to be not true (I guess he has had a few people ask the same question) and went on to say he does know that the state of Tennessee was going door to door asking if people stored food so they could get it and use it for the flood victims.

I checked out the rest of the web site and do like some of the already made packs they have for sell. When I decide to make a purchase, I think I will start off with the 72 hour pack so I can restock my BOB.

They are not endorsing me in anyway. I just like sharing this info on what I find plus it does not hurt to buy from many different sources because you never know who is keeping track.


  1. Good company. I have a friend that has made a few purchases from them and has been satisfied.

  2. ooh, our own gang sign :D.

    I have heard of the company before, but haven't used them. The calling me thing would have freaked me out as well. But I am glad to hear they answered your questions.

  3. Thanks for the info. Will look into it.

  4. I find this whole food storage thing interesting. I was raised a lot of my life by my grandparents. Um this would be quite a few years back obviously, they were older so they were a different generation and life style.

    They grew almost everything we ate as did most of the people where we lived. It was a way of life then, not viewed as a group or "one of them" or anti government or weird thing to do.

    We bought flour, sugar, that type thing in larger bags not in 1 lb bags each week LOL. It was a ways to town and you did't go every day ya know. So how clever they thought to buy what they needed in larger bags! If we got snowed in in the winter and couldn't get down the mountain well holy cow we had plenty of flour and sugar to last. We had jars upon jars of food we canned stored. You didn't just can what you thought you would eat you canned what made. So yep if you had a bumper crop of tomatoes well woowhoo you canned them up and had extra. If your crop didn't do so well next year you still had more than enough put up. I think that should be called smart not dangerous. Why now is storing food viewed as so odd/weird or looked at as meaning you are anti government or what ever.

    How does having stored food translate into I can take down the world? LOL its food not nuclear weapons LOL. Okay I know I have over simplified this issue but really? :O)

    While I am at, just because people set up their lives so they have heat if the power goes out (after three days and nights with no heat two years ago due to no electricity, 11" of snow on the ground and your sick as a dog to boot), ask me if we now have wood stoves, oh ya!) so I guess having heat instead of freezing to death with everyone else makes a person dangerous as well? mmm I don't see the connection.

    If people choose to live frugally and can take care of themselves, this does not make for a nutcase trying to take over the world LOL. I mean honestly. Maybe I am being naive or live in a cave and should get out more but anyway there is my two cents worth.

    I guess I am done now, sorry for the book length comment. :o)

  5. Stephen - I plan to in the future.

    Phelan - word....

    John - Like I said, I have not bought from them yet but from what my co-worker says, they are good.

    Texan - I am right there with ya on every bit of what you said. I just ain't right. I was raised the same way.
    Giving only one answer to your questions, control. If we have a mind to think and we support ourselves through a crises then we are not under the control of the Government. If something does happen they want to round us all up and put us into camps so they can control our every move. What good are they if we are able to do things on our own. They want us to need them and depend on them. The sad thing is, most do.
    I usually keep my conspiracy theories to my self because I am already labeled a nut, but why do you think we have discount grocery cards. I think it is a way to catalog what food we buy as a consumer and yes there is a list on how much we spend so at 2:00 one morning I can expect a truck to pull up to my door step and confiscate my food for the greater good.
    Okay, now I'm done too. See what you started, lol.

  6. MDR I here you loud and clear. So now we need to build secret rooms to hide our food like they used in WW2 to hide people from the Nazi??

  7. Rob, you don't have a secret room yet?

    I broke the ice at a get together last night when someone asked where I lived (I live between 2 small towns) and I said "Galt's Gulch". The preppers all turned around and paid attention to me after that.

  8. for the secret sign, what if we introduce ourselves and then pick our nose.... ???

  9. You're totally right about the control issue, redneck. Incidentally, a friend that I call "the guru" reccommends Sam Andy Foods. It's probably a Mormon group, if that bothers anyone.

  10. i would like nothing better than to have a friend or relative ask me about prepping and actually listen to reasoning behind it. right now i am the crazy as a betsy bug person living down a country road that no one cares to bother. at least my husband says yes dear and does what needs to be doing...i guess too many of our population have just had things too good...either that or they have short memories. i was raised up to be self reliant and to ask questions and to be well informed. i am ready to go find a cave and become a hermit..the heck with them all!

  11. Mud - That would have done it.

    Matt - What finger shows how many years you have been doing it.

    Gorges - I will check them out.

    Anony - That cave would get pretty full with most of us wanting to do the same thing.

  12. There is a reason people want to label you a nut for prepping. Just think about high school. If you didn't wear the same clothes or do the same things as the rest of the kids you were a geek or nerd or redneck (duh) or just about any other label you want to pick out. People have a need to have other people share their world views, religious beliefs, political beliefs, etc. because it reinforces there own belief system. ("If everyone believes as I do, I must be right!")Grow up people! Sheeesh! I started preparing food because I liked to can. It gave me great satisfaction to see all those gleaming jewel like jars on the shelf. When I moved to a small island that only had a small mom and pop store, library and a post office buying and storing stuff was a way of life. Once every year the ferry was taken out of service for three weeks. What the heck do ya think you were going to do if you didn't prepare. And sometimes the ferry went out of service unexpectedly or the weather knocked out the power to the island. I learned a lot doing that. Was like practice once a year but without the scary part because it was one big party with the rest of the islanders. Keep prepping the worse that can happen is you eat the stuff.

  13. is that what I have been all these years?
    I thought it was just for surviving the winter when construction work couldn't be done had to feed the family some how my "rainy day room" was like going into a small grocery store back then. Really came in handy most all the time.

  14. sista - Because it is not the norm anymore.

    Mom MDR - I remember the Rainy day room very well and I think that is one of the things that shaped me into doing what I do.

  15. my Mum was born in the twenties and her Dad died when she was ten, her Mum brought her and her older sister up by herself. When I asked my Mum why she kept a sideboard full of food (in the sixties) she smiled and said "Just in case". She then told me what it was like in Hull England through the twenties thirties and forties, how Hull had been bombed more than Coventry or London (for its size) google it.
    Mum had a hard time and died aged 52 but I remember her saying "owe nothing and save up before you buy". Consequently I have never been in debt and I too have a cupboard full of food "Just in case". Love to all.