Friday, January 27, 2012

For All You Book Lovers Out There

"Ring, Ring, "Ring, Ring" my cell phone was going off. I picked it up and saw the wife was calling. Nothing out of the norm because she calls me several times a day.

I hit the answer button and said "Hey babe, what's up?"

A frantic voice was on the other end and it said, "I need forty dollars right now!"

Without blinking an eye I said, "Okay"

"Really!" Now her voice sounded like a kid who was just given a piece of candy.

"Sure, I will work it in the budget somehow." I said back being the supportive husband that I am.

"Do you even want to know what it is for?" She asked.

"Nope, I trust you and if you need it that bad you didn't even need to ask." I wanted to keep the best husband thing going for as long as I could and if forty bucks bought me a your the best attitude then I will gladly pay.

She ended the conversation with, "Well okay, I will see you when you get home."

This is what $40.00 bought.

 60 boxes of books. Each box has around 25 books in it. That is around 1500 books.
Some are classic first additions from 1907 and some are those kind of books you would not know who in the world would ever buy.
The wife is going to go through and catalog each book.
My thought is to take them to the half price book store and make a deal at fifty cents a book takes the whole thing.
Until then, my living room is filled with boxes and boxes of books.


  1. That would keep you busy on rainy days!

  2. OMG! SCORE!! Wow, what a great haul. Enjoy the reveal as you go through them all.

  3. big time score!!! nothing better than to read a book on a cold day, sitting in front of a good warm fire with a hot cup of coffee or tea next to you...maybe to read out loud to entertain those who might be with you or to teach...a book can be a treasured companion when alone for days on end. now tell your wife that she did some good "junkin".

  4. Holy Crap Batman what a score. Never mind half price books. Yard sale $1.00 a book..$1,500 in your pocket. Give MRS $500 $1,000 for you. ???

  5. NO, 1/2 Price Books insults you with the price they are willing to pay. I would almost rather throw them away then sell them to them.

    We love books and have more than we will ever need. Pretty much the only ones we have in the house are the ones we classify as "reference" books. All others are stored in the storage barn or the garage. We each have a few boxes of "to read" books.

    Sorry your living room is filled with books. On the other hand, way to go Mrs MDR!


  6. mayhaps you can list them on your blog first (in chunk lists of 100 or so) and see if you have any willing buyers who will also pay shipping? I'm curious to see what's in the pile. great find!!

  7. You definitely picked the right wife.

  8. Dang, I am jealous!!!!!!!!! That is awesome!!


  9. oh crap - the last thing i need is more books! but i am with TransFarmer - perhaps you should list them and maybe people would be interested in paying for you to send them??? sounds like a good idea to me.

    in other sadder news, i just wanted to be sure that you knew that Stephen is in the hospital. check Duke's blog for updates. we don't know much yet but please keep him in your prayers. i am sooo worried.

    your friend,

  10. I am drooling! Good investment!

  11. Real nice score, for sure!

    Looks like someone is going to be doing a LOT of reading!

  12. Thank you everyone for the comments. Yes she is something else. It took 22 years of training but she has finally came around.
    I could not read this many in a lifetime. Most will be sold, some donated and some kept. If we find any that I think y'all might like I will post a list on here.
    Thanks again,

  13. Wow, she is like me. I go to auctions, and I cant pass up a deal on a huge amount of books. They don't tend to sell well in this area, and can get a couple thousand for $1. Tell the wife to enjoy! I always do.

  14. Phelan - I am worried because now that she has gone through them all, her keep pile is larger than her sell pile.

  15. Lmao. That's the sort of thing I'd do (buying the books), though my fiancée wouldn't be super happy about it... You'd figure he'd get with the program, after letting me turn one room of our new house into a library... :)

  16. Rae- I don't even try and buck the system. She has now turned my living room into nothing but book shelves.
    I told I have drug home worse.