Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book List

This list was emailed to me from my good friend Shar. I was asked to share it so others could add to their lists and collections. These are her ratings and so far she has been dead on.

I have only began to scratch the surface on these kind of books and this list will keep me busy for at least two years.

Shar is a active member of MDR so if you have any questions for her leave a comment and I am sure she will respond.                                                      

Book List  
                Rating – One Star (not so good) to Five Stars (Awesome)
Patriots   By James Wesley, Rawles  ****
Survivor   By James Wesley, Rawles  ***
Lucifers Hammer   By Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle  *****
One Second After   By William Forstchen  *****
Anthem    By Ayn Rand  *****
1984   By George Orwell  *****
Atlas Shrugged   By Ayn Rand  ****
Alas, Babylon   By Pat Frank  ****
Wolf & Iron   By Gordon R Dickson  *****
Earth Abides   By George R Stewart  ****
No Blade of Grass   By John Christopher  *****
World Made By Hand   By James Howard Kunstler  ****
On The Beach   By Nevil Shute  ***
Day of the Triffids   By John Wyndham  **
The Stand   By Stephen King  ****
Stacey’s Quest   By AK Steele  ****
Survivors   By Terry Nation  ****
Lights Out   By David Crawford  *****
The Walk   By Lee Goldberg  ****
Into The Forest   By Jean Heglund  ***
Life as We Knew It   By Susan Beth Pfeffer ****
         The Dead and Gone   By Susan Beth Pfeffer  ****
         This World We Live In   By  Susan Beth Pfeffer  ****
Hunger Game Series   By Suzanne Collins  ****
          Catching Fire    By Suzanne Collins  ****
          Mocking Jay    By Suzanne Collins  ****
The Maze Runner Series   By James Dashner  ***
           The Scorch Trials   By James Dashner  ***
           The Death Cure   By James Dashner  ***
Left Behind Series   By Jerry B Jenkins & Tim LaHaye  ****
Left Behind Kids Series   By Jerry B Jenkins & Tim LaHaye  ***
The Overton Window   By Glen Beck  ****
Grapes of Wrath   By John Steinbeck  ***

NON-FICTION  -  These are the best of my non-fiction/self help books
How to Survive TEOTWAWKI   By James Wesley, Rawles
Encyclopedia of Country Living   By Carla Emery
Where There is No Doctor   By David Wemer
The Complete Medicinal Herbal   By Penelope Ody
10 Essential Herbs   By Lalitha Thomas
Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook   By Peggy Layton
The American Red Cross First Aid & Safety Handbook
The Simplicity Primer    By Patrice Lewis


  1. Thanks, Bubba, and thank you, Shar. There are a couple on the list I haven't read in the fiction section. Time to light up my Kindle. BTW, Bubba, isn't it fun to share Shar....not even jealous...really.

  2. thanks to both MDR and Shar! i have read many of the books on the list and must agree with Shar's ratings! the books i haven't read i will run out and find pronto!

    thanks again! your friend,

  3. Your welcome Stephen and yes it is fun to share Shar. LOL

    Kymber - I have so many to get.

  4. Haven't read a lot of these books but the ones I have I have to agree with her ratings. Especially "The Earth Abides". My all time favorite and I own a hardcover (for myself) and a soft cover for loaning out. The Stand was also good but a very long read with a long slow spot in the middle but slog through it because it is worth it. I read "One Second After" just recently and while it was a good read some of the "Information" about the effects of EMPS I found to be more for effect than accurate so I would be hard pressed to give it a 5 star rating.What was good though was the descriptions of the social breakdown in that situation.
    You may want to put "The Postman" on that list too even though it was made into a movie. The movie sucked. Book was good.

    For non-fiction reads that are more up to current events I would recommend "Thriving during Challenging Times" by Cam Mather and "Why Your World is about to Get a Whole Lot Smaller" by Jeff Rubin. Not as fun as fiction but lots of information.

  5. Sista - I just recently got into the Fiction side of these kind of books. Most I have read so far do have good prepping info in them if you can pull it out of all the other stuff.
    I will add to my list the books you suggested, thanks.

  6. Holy crap Batman, when can anyone find time to read all of them?? I would have to read 20 hours a day to read all of them. Well I now know which to get soon...self help!!!

  7. That's what I'm saying Rob. It will take me two years to read all these.

  8. Sista - I haven't read The Postman because the movie wasn't very good, I will have to check it out now. I would much rather read the book before I see the movie.
    Rob - I read ALOT, I don't watch much TV, I read all types of books, but this list is the books I thought MDR might be interested in. I just finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, pretty good book.

  9. I have read several of these & am also a book nerd. Lately have tried to read a couple of non-disaster related books in between but keep coming back to them nonetheless.

    Favorites are: Atlas Shrugged (long difficult read to me, but spells out what is happening in the world today, IMO), One Second After, Lights Out, Patriots, etc. Just ordered the Hunger series via kindle. Got to finish Beijing Man this weekend before I start those.

    sista - Totally agree w/the Stand (still one of my favorites). Read that along w/a bunch of apartment neighbors in the late 70's/early 80's. Funny, that book is what got me back into pleasure reading (was there fate there somewhere for me, prepping wise anyway?).

  10. Thanks! And Amazon thanks you too. hehehe

  11. If you like 1984 (I didn't much care for it, myself), you should definitely read We by Zamyatin. I'm fairly certain it was written prior to 1984. It was part of a "great books" class I took in college, and has been part of my library ever since.

  12. Rae - Thanks for book. I will add it to the list.

  13. V - You bet, if you need anything just let me know.
    Thanks for stopping by.