Thursday, January 5, 2012

Night Off

I pulled fourteen hours at work yesterday and today I got off with only nine so I am going to take the night off.
I walked in and the wife asked if I wanted a cold beer. She has a turkey in the oven and is standing at the stove making the stuffing.
The house is spotless and smells really good.
Hmmm.... Something is up. I wonder what she is wanting? This is unusual.

Ya'll have a good night.


  1. Maybe she is just looking for a little time with her man. :O)

  2. Dude.... don't drink the kool-aid...

  3. Either way, my friend, have a nice and peaceful evening.

  4. I bet she just loves her man. Women can be nice and not want something. ;)


  5. i think she wants some cuddle time with her modern day redneck...enjoy my buddy!

    your friend,

  6. No comment, I have been married 25 years. I am stopping here. ;)

  7. Texan - Nope, that wasn't it.

    Matt - That was the same thought I had so I let her eat the turkey first.

    Stephen - It was a nice peaceful evening, thank you.

    G - I don't understand. I have never known one. LOL

    Kymber - Nope, but it was a nice quiet evening. The middle girl was sick so she curled up next to me and we watched tv. It was a good daddy thing.