Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Way And That

All I can say is, "Wow what a weekend." I was all over the place.

I crammed in so many things in such a short amount of time this weekend even I am amazed. I won't go into everything because you will just get bored, but I will hit the highlights.

Yesterday the "Junkin" did not go as planned. Fist off I did not have any money to do anything too serious even if I wanted to. I did find a old wire vegetable holder for a dollar I hung up in the bathhouse for the soaps and shampoos.
I also finished decorating around the sink area. The one thing I was looking for yesterday was antique signs that promoted bathroom products. I did not find even one. I never do find what I am looking for when I am looking for it. I am not worried, I will run across some one of these days.

After all the running around we ended up over a guy's house that thinks along the same lines as I do. I got to tour his facilities taking many notes and pictures. I do not want to say too much about it because I am going to do a piece solely about what he is doing but I will say this is some really cool stuff. 
We spent the remainder of Saturday night visiting friends that we have not seen in a while and enjoying good company. It was fun.

Today did not look like is was going to turn out with drizzling rain, high winds and cold temps. As a matter of fact I almost turned around and went back in the house saying just to heck with it, but was met at the door by the youngest. She said before I got busy she needed me for an hour in the rabbit area, so that is just what I did. She has some rabbits fixin to have babies and we had to move some around and hang more cages. I took the opportunity to reorganize the area and do some cleaning. I could not pass it up.

The sun finally broke out and then it was the wife's turn. I got the youngest started on the bathhouse signs and helped the wife plant all the onions.
"It is good to finally see some green out there", she said smiling at me.
We planted enough onions to do several cases of salsa this year. I also got her herb beds ready for planting in March.
After I was done with the herb beds I told her, "See what a little smile will do"

I stuck my foot in my mouth because she reminded me a promise is a promise while still smiling so I got busy on her screen door. It is not pretty but it's up.
The sliding door still shuts and now during the day she can open it and leave the screen door closed keeping the flies out.
This is the door I got from a Lowe's sidewalk sale a few months back. It was listed for I think $80.00 but I am not sure (I can't remember) and I got it for $7.00
While I worked on the door, I got the youngest started on the art work for the North side of the bath house. I ain't gunna show it till she is done, but it is really looking good so far.
I picked up the lumber for her from a friend of mine last night who was just storing it and not using it. He said he did not need it but did not want it going to waste. I told him I had the perfect project for it.

There are many more little details I could add but you would just get bored so I will save you from having to make that face and the signing sound as you hit the little X in the upper corner just to shut me up.  


  1. A good weekend with the family. Now back to work to relax. hahaha I know better.

  2. I just love getting together with like minded people. lol

    1. Lookin' good, MDR.

      The flies are thick here too lately. I guess it's the unseasonably warm weather we've been having. I hope they all hatch because it's warm and then we get a (typical) spring freeze and wipe 'em all out!

      I had to post a comment as a reply to Small Farm Girl's comment. For some reason, Blogger is not giving a comment window these days. :(

  3. Bath house is looking fabulous MDR! Can't wait to see the signs all hung:)

  4. Well I am glad the cold and drizzle stayed up your way. I worked in the barn today trying to finish up my milk stand. It is still not complete but it is very very close.

    It is good to hear you all chipper over the things you are getting done. It puts a smile on my face as well.

    You know little girls are taught young that "pretty little smile". You guys never have a chance really.

    - Genevieve

  5. Aw seems like a fun weekend. Glad things are going well.

  6. Rob - You are right, work is my "Days Off" so to speak.

    SFG - Yes it was nice and I look forward in writing the post up.

    HB - That is true about the hatching. I know we will have a bad Feb or March so maybe they will all die out.

    Stephanie - Thank you. I guess next weekend I will get them all up. I was wanting to do a little extra detail to them before I showcase them.

    G - Chipper but sore. I don't even have a chance to sit down anymore. I is good to get some of this stuff done and even more so during what suppose to be winter. All this is doing is helping make the summer easier, the calm before the storm so to speak.
    I can't wait to see the milk stand.

    BEB - It was a good weekend. You would have really enjoyed all the work we got done and did together.
    I am still saving some for you too so don't think you are getting off that easy.
    Call you sister. She got hurt pretty bad at the game the other night and is out of basketball for good now. It is not good.

  7. Looks as if everything is coming along nicely, good for you.