Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It Is Hard To Soar With Eagles When You Are Surrounded By Turkeys

As a young kid I remember that saying from when my dad had it posted on the wall of his shop. I never really knew what it meant back then and one day when I was a little older it just hit me.

To get you up to speed on this topic a couple of months ago my youngest daughter wanted a show pig for one of her FFA projects. I told her she had enough animals and things to show but if she wanted another project to bake a pie or something. Being I know who her father is and how she inherited a stubborn streak wider than the Red River from her momma, it did not surprise me she found a way to get a pig.
It seams a local breeder had a couple of show pigs he was donating to the FFA for the kids to show. She put her name in the hat and got one. Now our feed bill has that high dollar show feed added to it.

Now that you are up to speed I will continue. The pig that she got was uncut. The FFA teacher said she had a vet that will cut all the pigs and will have it done before Christmas. The Christmas break came and went and the pig still had his manhood. Several un-returned phone calls later we finally got a hold of the teacher and she said it would cost us to get him cut. Of course I was mad by now because if she would have told us that a month ago then I would have done it myself. Now the pig is 150 pounds.

Last night the teacher called and asked if we wanted the pig cut. The wife reminded her that we wanted him cut over a month ago and about all the unanswered phone calls to her. The kind teacher said she did not know and thought we were going to keep him a boar. (This is the part where it is hard to soar with Eagles)

I could understand if the local FFA had 500 students but there are only 20. You know I don't mind cutting pigs but being this one was not mine and if something was to go wrong then I would be blamed for it. After all, when I was in FFA it was a field trip for all the students to go out to the farms and cut everyone's pigs. It was part of it.
I met her up at the pig barn last night and got it done. I have never cut one this big and hope it will be okay. At over 150 pounds he did not want this to happen and it took some doing.
I told the teacher I did not know what she was thinking by letting him get this big and asked where she came up with the thought I wanted him uncut when we have been asking to get him cut for two months.
She did not answer me and was very scattered brained and off topic.
This teacher has no business teaching FFA. For the past four years we have had problems with her only chasing the money students and not helping any others. It is no use to complain to anyone because all the people I need to complain to are the money students parents.
Only two more years to go.


  1. You should call a couple of local vets and find out the fee for cutting a pig that size, then send HER a bill for your services! Grrr...

  2. Jeminy Christmas! I hate that it's like that, it's like that at our boys' school too. At times, I'm grateful he is so darn good at football or he'd never get any help with anything out of that school.

  3. @ HossBoss - GREAT IDEA!

    I don't do well with stupid people. I have an allergy to them.

    On another note we purchased the bands and a bander for our needs. To date we have only had one male kid and we had him cut at the vet as we had a few questions before we did it on our own. Now, I believe we are good to go.


  4. i think i would sure let the higher ups of ffa know there is a problem. and it being with a teacher, the problem is unexcuseable...and she can be replaced as a ffa leader.

  5. It has always amazed me that college educated people have NO common sense!!! Not all of them, just the ones teaching our kids it seems!

  6. Sad part, is stupid people reproduce.

  7. Ugh:/ We have this issue at our school too, and have since I went there, teacher's have their pets, and it's usually the kids whose parents have money and donate big time to the school projects.
    Hope the pig will be ok:)

  8. HB - Good idea. I might just do that.

    MF - That is the thing, all my girls are very good in the sports they play but the Ag department does not care.

    G - I have all that for the goats but you cannot band a pig. They have to be cut out.

    Anony - I think I will look into that, thanks.

    ZZ - I have a lot of respect for teachers and what they do. It is a shame that a few bad ones fall in with the good ones bringing the whole system down.

    Rob - The sad part is that some of her students will think that is how to treat people and when they get out in the world then you have more cut throats out there.

    Stephanie - It is a never ending cycle. We have them at work, school and sometimes at home.

  9. MDR, i can empathize with you for sure, we had similar experiences with ffa and 4-h here. I have my opinion, LOL, I'm sure you know what it is...

  10. mmpaints - I do and thank you for the comment.