Monday, January 16, 2012

A Double Howdy

I would like to introduce the two newest members of the MDR family. Thank y'all for hitting the join button and becoming a part of this train wreck. Please feel free to comment or email at any time.

Ron over at writes a great blog with some deep insight and very inspiring. You should check out his testimony.  
Terria at writes a real nice blog covering several different topics ranging from survival prepping to Frugal living. Why don't you stop on by.

Thank y'all again and welcome to Modern Day Redneck.


  1. Thanks for mentioning these. Will check them out.

  2. You bet John and thanks for looking at them.

  3. Thank you MDR for mentioning my blog Daily Good on your blog.
    I appreciate it very much!
    I'll be reading all your previous blog posts as time permits.

    1. You bet Terria and thank you for hitting the button.