Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Howdy X 2

I want to give a big welcome to Cheryl and Kelly for becoming the newest members of the Modern Day Redneck family.
Thank y'all for hitting the join button on this little blog and please feel free to leave some comments. You can also email me if you need anything.
Thank you and again, Welcome.

To all my other friends, Kelly has a real nice website with a huge following at full of some real good information that will interest most of you. So please check it out.


  1. Thank you for the welcome! I really like your bath house, I have just begun to explore your blog, but I'm really interested in reading all you have to share. By the way, you should see my clothes wringer :-) I got it off of ebay and the man delivered it to a near by town in person, so I saved shipping. Here are some pictures :-) Thanks again for the welcome and the link back to my site :-)

  2. Kelly - Thank you for the link. I will start reading back posts of yours as well.