Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wood Shed

 The weather people crushed my hopes and dreams earlier when they said the 100 degree days are coming back next week. I was fooled into believing it was over.

I was even lulled into dusting off my tools and planning a list of projects to enjoy before winter.
First on the (make believe fall) project list is a small wood shed. For the past two winters we have had to tarp all the wood to keep it out of the weather. Plus, the place we had to store it made it where we had to slop through ankle deep mud and carry it back a few sticks at a time. The whole ordeal was exhausting and messy.
This little wood shed will be right off the end of the house butting up the the patio and no mud will have to be dealt with.

Being I have had some bad luck with house maintenance issues this summer, all of the project funds are gone. I am thankful I have a storage of old wood behind the barn I got back when the spring storms came through and ripped apart some old barns in the area. Farmers were going to just pile all the wood up and set fire to it so I was able to first go in and grab what I could and salvage whatever pieces were still usable.

I have gone all summer without building anything so I am a little rusty in the imagination department. Imagination is the key element when working with old, brittle, twisted wood of various lengths and sizes. Anyone can build something out of nice, straight, new wood from the store, but it takes an artist to make something out of crap. I'm just saying.

This morning I loaded up the truck with 2x4 boards full of nails and some old rotted fence panels I thought I might could use to start off with. Like I said, I am a little rusty so I spent a long time sitting there looking at the wood then back to where I want to build trying to visualize the finished product, then breaking it down backwards going over every detail. When I finally had all in my head I got started.

I am in no hurry on this little project or it would have been finished today. As long as I get it done before the fist wood cutting takes place a month from now I will be good.

This project will use 100% recycled wood, screws and nails. The only cost will be the electricity to run the saws.      


  1. "This project will use 100% recycled wood, screws and nails. The only cost will be the electricity to run the saws."

    MDR is green, like a hippy. Get a job and a haircut, and for goodness sake, take a shower, you stinky hippy.

  2. Hillbilly - I plan on it

    Mudbug - Not a green hippie but a cheap redneck.
    I wished I had hair to cut.
    I always look forward in your comments Mudbug, they are different.