Monday, September 26, 2011

Mondays Mentions

This weekend was not so much a productive weekend by no means, but it was a good one. Time spent with the family is always good as long as the moods stay in the green.
There were only a couple times the mood meters went from fun loving and harmless to, I would rather rip you head off than look at you. We skirted around those as best we could.

The auction was a flop. The items up for auction should have just had a price tag on them and sold like in a garage sell setting. After scanning all the tables I looked at the wife, gave the sign and headed for the truck. There was no reason to waste our time with junk when we have mountains of the same at home. I guess I was just wanting to find that one unique thing I could not live without.

mmpaints emailed me the other day with a link to something I have done in the past but got away from when we moved out here. This rekindled my way of thinking and have now incorporated into my gardening technique.  
This a short trailer to the movie at
I highly recommend this video if you are a gardener and looking for a way to ease your work load and still have fresh organic foods.

Rhianna over at A Parenting Life is a new reader and member of the Modern Day Redneck family. I was surprised to see this morning she she did a blog post just for me and about me.
Her blog is mainly about moms doing things for and with her kids. Her following is well, moms. I think I am the only guy on the there, but I am proud of that. It's like when I used to sell Avon (ask me and I will tell ya the story about that, it's a funny one).
The passion she shows for her kids and life is a inspiration to me. I need her type of blog to balance out the negative we manly write about in all of ours. Oh don't start getting offended, you know what I mean.
Some of the pictures she puts up are cuter than a spotted puppy in a red wagon under a Christmas tree.
You know I don't do this very often but if you decide to drop her a visit, tell ole red sent ya.
(I like the way she writes. She says stuff like mummy, and mums)   

That is all I got for now. Oh, have you ever heard of a woman getting her photo taken in a wedding dress that she spray painting and destroyed? It's a thing that is going around I guess.
(More to come on that topic)

I hope y'all have a great week.


  1. Man! You sold Avon? Quick , how do I delink from here!!!

    Nah, just kidding. In the immortal words of the Duke, " a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" and grubbing for a buck is one of those things.

  2. Well I hate to admit it Arsenius, but I really was not grubbing for it. I did like doing it. It all just kinda happen. I might write a post on it and tell the story.

  3. i MUST and NEED to read the post about selling avon! i have weapons and a husband who shoots a ben pearson re-curve from both the right and left with dead aim, and i am military trained (Canadian military - we can fire weapons AND throw rocks and chickens!!!) needless to say, if i don't get the avon post soon - i will pack up my cats and hubby in our 30yr old mint condition chevy vandura and i will find you MDR! make no mistake - i WILL find you!!!

    bahahahahah - i honestly can't wait for the avon post. are you busy tonight! get on it buddy!

    cuz i WILL find you!!!

    your friend,

  4. Oh please do share the avon story. Thanks for the beautiful words. Too bad about the auction but at least it was better than there being heaps of great stuff outside your budget :)

  5. Just watched the video on gardening. My hubby and I know realize what we are doing wrong with gardening. Nice post. Please share with us the avon story :)

  6. Kimber- OK, OK, I get the hint.

    Rhianna- No, Thank you for the post and I will.

    coley - I am glad you got something out of that video. It was amazing and helped me get back on track of what I did before.

  7. kymber- The Canadian army throws chickens? I knew it. That is a disturbing thought: a naked Canadian throwing chickens at the border. What a weird 51st state.

  8. Awesome post, the Moose and I are going to try his way of gardening, and we'll keep you updated from Florida. Thanks for the link, we've learned a lot and not just about gardening. - Izzy

  9. Izzy - I am glad you got something out of it besides gardening. I wished I had this guys faith.

  10. Mudbug - i bin wondering where you bin hiding out! nice to find you! yep - we are trained to throw chickens, rocks and big, heavy logs - oh don't forget about 20lb salmon. it's because we are all loggermen and fishermen up here!

    but no talking about the 51st state - we burned your asses to the ground during 1812-1814! bahahahah - naw jes' teasin' witchya!

    and as an aside - once i was stationed to Ft. George Meade and was staying in the temporary barracks. the day after i got moved in, i went to the nearest pharmacy for some stuff and when i came back, there were a bunch of guys hanging around the yard having a BBQ. because they were very hospitable and sweet American military types, they invited me to the BBQ. and then of course asked me who i was and what i was doing there. i told them i was canadian military doing 3 months training and one guy said - "what?!?!? Canada has a military???". needless to say i showed him my mil ID and made sure to smack him in the face with it about 40 times. the rest of the guys just watched and NEVER asked if Canada had a military.

    i would have beaten him with a chicken if there was a chicken handy!

    your friend,

    MDR - sorry to hog your comment section. sometimes just can't help myself!

  11. I've got to get my wife to see this. We do "square foot gardening" here at home.

  12. kymber,

    I've been busy at work and trying out the new guns. Will try to post tonight and respond to the comments on my post tonight.