Sunday, September 18, 2011

How Ya'll Doing

I Did not get it done because I am in no hurry, but I did make some progress on the wood shed this weekend.

All it needs now is a top. When finished it should hold about a cord of 15" cut and split fire wood. We usually go through about a cord and a half every year to heat the house and yes I should have made it big enough to hold that about, but it was either going to be made at eight feet or sixteen feet long so I chose the shortest because of the quality of lumber I had. I can store wood down behind the big barn and bring it up when this little shed is running low.   
Don't worry, it will look good when all painted up and completed.  

We had some crazy and wild times last night at the outdoor church concert.
I took my grill up there a couple of nights ago to cook all the hot dogs and last night I got several ohhs and ahhhs pertaining to the grill. 
All I said was, "Have y'all never seen a reals mans grill before?"   

I like those small town church functions though. Everyone is down home and country. I am talking about the kind of country that when they say "How y'all doing" their mouths never close and their lips never move.  
These are the kinds of people you can't help but to like and talk to all night long. 

I can never see myself going to mega church where you are just a warm body sitting in a chair. I want that good ole fashioned fire and brimstone kind of preaching. The kind where you need to wear a poncho if you sit in the front row because the preacher is so fired up he is baptizing you with his spit and sweet if you like it or not. The kind of preaching where if you don't get a fire lit in your soul then your wood it wet. Now that's preaching right there.         

I tell ya whats funny, I bet over half of y'all tried to be all country and say "How y'all doing" in that way, didn't ya? 
For all y'all North of the Red River I will tell you how. Tilt your head back a little, open your mouth, pull your lips back over your teeth and say "Howya'lldoing" all in one saying without pausing, moving your mouth or your lips.
Go ahead, your turn. 
Yea! That's it, there you go. Now you are boneified.   

I sure hop all y'all had a great weekend and I hope you have a wonderful week.  


  1. Just got home from some good old fashioned preaching myself. First time in three weeks I was in my home church and boy did I miss it. I was all happy and hurrying home at 70mph because they changed the night time speed limit you know and darned if red and blue lights didn't start flashing in my rear view mirror. It was a DPS officer. I thought he was pulling me over because it was after dark and I was doing 70mph and not 65mph. But come to find out it was because I didn't have my headlights on, only my parking lights. Doh!

    He was nice, went back to his cruiser to write me a up a warning. When he came back I explained that the car was set so that you could leave the headlights on all the time. When you put in park and turned it off, the headlights would stay on, but as soon as you opened the driver's door, they went off. So I never turn them off ...but my HUSBAND borrowed my car yesterday when he went to the range and he must have turned the headlights off. He laughed and said his wife's car is like that too and he's borrowed it and done that to her. He said he didn't think twice about it because he's used to having to turn them off and she didn't think twice about it until she found herself driving in the dark.

    He was a very nice and the warning cost me nothing so I hugged Yeoldfurt when got home and thanked him for being my excuse with the DPS officer.

    : )

  2. I think it is kinda funny how we can talk without hardly moving our mouth at all. Now I can say the words are not to clear but for those of us around here, we know what we are saying.

  3. teehee. i'm up here in the north in atlantic canada. we speak in a very particular way too. we slam all of our syllables together and drop consonants and we speak really fast. sort of like one guy saying to another "jeet jet?" and buddy replies "no jew?".....and what is really being said is "did you eat yet?" followed by "no did you?". and no one from outside of atlantic canada can understand us.

    i found you from Stephen or Arsenius or Duke or Mudbug - not sure how i found you. but enjoy your comments on their blogs so decided to check you out. i have just started a blog over at only a few posts up yet but would love it if you dropped by.

  4. All is fairly well here too. Other than my battery on my RV dicided to explode on me...guess she over charged. Check out Kymber, she's a nice lady. Later, my friend.

  5. Thank y'all for the comments.
    HB- I am glad it was only a warning. The oldest got her first ticket last week and was in a panic. $155.00 for unbuckling her seat belt while parked to reach over and get her parking pass. The nice cop said the engine was still running so he gave he a ticket.

    HH- Very true.

    Kymber - Well thanks for stopping by.
    If you could imagine saying that same thing but with a Southern Drawl, then you got Texan talk right there.
    I encourage you to go over to the side bar and hit the "join this site" button and become part of the MDR family. I will check your blog out and do the same.

  6. Stephen - Will do. Thanks for the comment.

  7. MRD, ever been to a revival meeting, in a big tent? Now that's preachin. Gimme that ol' time religion, gimme that ol' time religion, gimme that ol' time religion cause it's good enough for me. Don

  8. Don - I went once years ago. The one I went to was kinda way out there though. Some of it was not all scripture. Thanks for the comment.

  9. MDR, I didn't know THAT was what her ticket was for ...I would fight that!

    I got her hooked up with a shop in Bryan to look at the idling problem. They were recommended by a good friend of mine at work and she's lived in Bryan all her life she knows the shops. I hope it's a quick and easy (cheap) fix. I told BEB to let me know if she needs a lift until it's back on the road.

  10. I told her she might could fight it but she just wanted to get it over with.
    Thanks for hooking her up with a shop. She might need someone to follow her to the shop. The car races up real high and if she is not holding her breaks hard, could push her out into traffic. She might need a tow.