Friday, September 9, 2011

Quick Question

Instead of a "real" post today I just have a simple question.

I read books and blogs about the "Crunch", "It", "Collapse", "SHTF" or what ever you want to call it when it does happen and I have not seen anyone touch on this area.

If the food supply is gone leaving empty shelves across the nation from the last minute shoppers and looters, plus the dollar being worthless making the fuel to expensive to buy and ship any commodities and fuel itself also not being shipped causing a shortage making it impossible for people to commute to and from work (assuming people would actually still go to work in fear of their stuff being looted or being killed for their cars), what is going to happen to all the criminals that are locked up in prisons and jails?
Being there will be no food to feed them,will the authorities just open the doors to thousands of murders, thieves and rapist and say good luck?
In a crisis of that magnitude instead of being at home protecting their families and investments, would the jailers just stay at the jail, but even if they did that, where would they get the food to feed everyone?       

This question may have been cover somewhere, but I have not seen it.
It's just a thought.


  1. Can't answer that specifically, I do remember a fiction book (The stand, Stephen King) where they were left to starve.

    It seems to me that with the number of crooked jailers at any given prison, there would be a certain number of them that would turn the prisoners loose.

  2. First of all, why worry about them...they made their beds (cold, I know) and must live with the consequent aftermath of any future event. Second, just think of the target rich environment if they are indeed released.

  3. They come up on my place and the buzzards will have something to eat. Tigerman

  4. Thanks for the comments,

    Bubba - I am sure after the riots break out and the jailers are all gone they will let themselves out.

    Stephen - I am not worried about their health so to speak by no means. Just worried about the women and children.

    Tigerman - I agree with your comment and feel the same way.

  5. Nobody knows what could or will happen, If I had to take a wild guess (emphasis on wild) I think the authorities will maintain some sort of "control" for quite a while, at least on things like police, military, prisons, emergency services etc. There may be people quit/leave but there is a lot of sheeple in the Govt ranks, they will have the ability to feed and house essential services for a long while. Now this does not mean it wouldn't be rough for the general public because authorities would not be able to protect, feed, house everyone, just look at limited disasters like hurricane or flood areas.
    So as far as prisoners are concerned I think there will be time for them to plan for the worst, maybe send them to an island or something, who knows. I have no doubt that somewhere in the bowls of government somebody has a plan for such a thing, doesn’t mean it's a good plan but they pay people to dream up all kinds of scenarios and how to handle it.
    Just my two cents worth.

  6. I have to agree with Duke. I think the Government has what it needs to sustain itself and it's branches. All the way down to the prisons. As for local jails, they will probably be released. (I can just hear it now "It's the only humane thing to do!") Yep, we'll shoot 'em too if they come our way. This is not a game and if people are starving they wouldn't think twice about putting a bullet through me.

  7. Duke - I agree there is a plan in place somewhere, but depending on how long the crunch lasts I guess will depend on how long they leave them behind bars.

    Red Woman - Our local county has closed the doors of the jail to all surrounding cities for anything less than a felony. They are already giving double and triple time for all misdemeanors due to the over crowding.
    I think that same system will happen in the crunch being the criminals with the more heinous crimes will be last to either die or be let loose.

  8. I know this hasn't been mentioned, but if there was an EMP, most of the prisons are electronic, with gennies for backup. If all the circuits are fried, then the electonic doors might be sealed forever, trapping the rats in their cages.

  9. Mudbug - Good point but I would think that they would have type of manual override of sorts.

  10. If things implode to the extent you specify, they'll just let them out. First, in that event people are going to stay home to protect their families. Who'd go to work in those circumstances? Second, I doubt you could find many prison guards who would be willing to go cell to cell and shoot them all. Third, I never knew anyone less dedicated to their jobs than most "civil servants." The minute they don't see a benefit to themselves from doing their jobs, they won't. I think the prisoners will let themselves out when the prison infrastructure collapses.

  11. Oh great, now something else for me to worry about. heheheehe

  12. ATH - I can see your points.

    sfg - No reason to worry, I doubt it will come to all that.

  13. Let me just say, New Orleans when Katrina hit. They let them all out and many still have not been recaptured. Stupidity on someones part. Let us hope that doesn't happen again but it probably will. That is all we will need to add to our survival. * sarcasm applied *

  14. HH - That's true. As a matter of fact I work with one up here now. He said he is never going back.