Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday, Family Day Off


  1. yep - it's out family day off too. that's why i made 12 cucumber wraps for a baby shower tonight, and jambaloney is up in our sorta'kinda' attic trying to figure out where to cut a hole to install our attic ladder. as my Uncle Gerald always says - oh man!

    enjoy your day MDR!
    your friend,

  2. Those blooms are gorgeous! What are the names of the flowers? I only recognize one of the three!

  3. Thank y'all for the comments.

    Kymber-See, that is way to much work on a day off. Have fun

    HB-The colorful one next to the sunflower is a Passion flower. The other is a Sedium a succulent. And of course the wild sunflower.

  4. Why thank ya SFG, the youngest took these pics.