Friday, September 16, 2011

Sleeping Giant

The cooler weather has woken up the sleeping giant. All the bottled up energy from the sweltering summer is finally coming out and rearing it's nasty head.

I have been too busy to post the last couple of days because as soon as I get home all I want to do is get out back and take care of the little things that has taken a back seat throughout the summer.

Example, I spent till dark last night cleaning my grill. It is amazing the crap build up those things can when you don't take the time to clean after every session and the yard, oh wow the yard, so many things were out of place and piled over the past few months just to get out of the heat as quick as possible. I bet we have 50 feed sacks that has accumulated.
I do not have any grass to mow but the weeds sure can thrive with no water so I plan to get those taken care of this weekend as well.  

Tonight I have to help the church set up for their big fall event set for Saturday night, but tomorrow morning I plan to have some progress made on the 100% recycled wood shed.
Then tomorrow night it's off to the church thing where the Mini Farm donated a pair of live chickens for a door prize. That will be the first and I can hear them now, "Leave it to the rednecks".

I have decided to put the outdoor kitchen project on hold for the time being mainly due to not being able to build it with all the junk material I have. That project will take some money so I decided not to just sit on my hands and wine about it. I have moved on to start the planning stages of my outdoor bathroom consisting of a solar shower, wood heated bath and composting station. I scanned the piles of old barn wood and determined I have most if not all of the material it will take to complete that little project. I first need to finish the wood shed though.
So much to do and so little time....

Oh how I love the cooler weather.


  1. Get 'er done, Bubba. I love cold weather too. Bring it on.

  2. The bad thing about fall is the days getting shorter, and the nights longer. Now is when you have to plan your day the night before.

  3. I would love an outdoor kitchen, be sure to post pics when you build it.

  4. We're supposed to have cooler weather for a few days now too. Sure will be nice to do some things outside again!

    : )

  5. Thank y'all for the comments.
    Stephen - That's what I'm saying.

    RR - That is true, but I do have lights and if it's cool enough I can work till midnight.

    Duke - Like I said, that project has been put on hold but you bet, when I pull the trigger on it believe me, y'all will be tired of reading about it.

  6. Hoss Boss - I just hope it stays that way for a while.

  7. My weekend list seems to snowball into a bigger list as each weekend passes. Soon all I will have is snowballs left. Snow was falling all week on the tops of the mountains. I'll send you some.

  8. Mudbug - Just pictures would be fine. I am not ready for snow yet. I have way to much to do.

  9. I am holding off on rain. I did get a few things done yesterday but my heart just isn't modivated since the wildfires broke out in the area. I pray some of that rain makes it this far east. It will be nice to have cooler weather and rain. I do miss sitting outside to eat or just sitting in the porch swing. I got to just shake this stress off and do something positive.