Friday, September 23, 2011

Almost Done

 My free 100% recycled wood shed is almost done. I have a old stack of shingles that still need to be nailed to the top but other than that, stick a fork in it.
Tomorrow I am running down to a huge auction they are having in the town just to South of us. They are advertising farm and garden equipment, fishing and hunting supplies, tools and many more things. I hate going without hardly any money in my pocket but I just need to see what is there and what things are being sold for.
I told a buddy of mine, going to a farm auction without money is like going to a "house of ill repute" with a Chucky Cheese token. You might see a lot of things you want, but you ain't gunna get much.


  1. Nice shed. It is really looking good. Have fun at the auction. I guess it is the equivalent of window shopping.

  2. The shed looks great, MDR. I love sticking a fork in something built totally from scratch, with totally recycled materials. Heck, you're even filling it with 'recycled' materials ...that firewood has served it's purpose in the ecosystem providing shade and shelter for wildlife and now it's gonna heat your house for a season. Ya done good!

    : )

  3. I go to flea markets when I don't really mean to buy anything. Sometimes things show up you want and the price is right.

    I like the shed. Hope you have better luck with the shakes than I have had.

  4. Thank y'all for the comments.

    G, Thanks, The auction was not good. We did not even stay.

    Coley, Thank you

    HB, Me too and very true on the fire wood serving it's purpose.

    ATH, There are way to many Hispanics up here at flea markets. It never really bothered be but they have started to just ignore the white people when they ask a price on anything and when you pick something up and take it to them most just walk away from you.
    We are few and far between at the flea markets in these parts. If we refused to help one of them then we would be racist.
    I just quit going.