Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Updates and Rambles

The work week started off great. This morning the wife called at 7:30 AM and told me the well was out. Being the positive thinker that I am, I thought maybe it is something small and can be fixed when I get home tonight without to much trouble.  As luck would have it, my buddy Dave took off today and ran over to confirm it was a simple fix. The main issue is that even though he got it up and running again, the pressure switch needs to be replaced. That is not a hard fix in it's self, but being it is all plumbed out of iron pipe, you can see some major corrosion on the treads where all the connections are made. I am positive it will all have to be re plumbed up to the well head when the switch is replaced.
As far as the little sewer problem I have, I am thankful the house sits higher than the tanks so it does not back up into the house, plus the new addition to the back pasture, AKA the LLama, loved eating the sprinkler heads so now I need to replace those as well and fence off the heads.

The fall gardens need to be replanted. Everything came up great but the sun just burnt it all back down. Now with some cooler weather, maybe the evaporation level will be lower and the dirt will retain some moisture.
I have some odds and ends sprinkler parts and pipe down in the barn. I think I will try and Southern Engineer some kind of watering system so we can keep the beds watered better.
Soaker hoses are not the answer for broadcast seed application. They only wet the area around where it is laying at the time. I need a system to cover a larger area with less effort. I might just have something I can work with.

The sell this weekend was one of those I hated to have. I only had a hand full of chickens and a goat I needed to sell but ended up having to sell three goats we wanted to keep and some chickens we were hoping to use as breeders for next season.
We are almost back to square one on the animals now.       

I am proud of the oldest girl BlueEyedBaby at A&M. With all the fires down that way, the wife and I were getting worried for her safety (I also think we are looking for any reason to go get her). She has kept us informed of the situation and has assured us she has a plan A, B and C in case of evacuation.
I am also worried about our friends HossBoss and YeOldFurt. They are really close to all that so best wishes to them. They have devised a plan that includes getting my daughter out when they go if need be. Let me tell ya this, that is the kind of stuff right there you can never repay.

We are staying on high fire alert up here as well. I caught myself yesterday scanning the horizon for smoke every few minutes. The wife has restocked our BOB and she says we are ready to go.

Y'all have a good day.       


  1. I hope you guys don't have to use your BOB ever again. Keep up the positive thinking. Maybe, just maybe you can get some rain down there.

  2. We are trying to send you guys some rain from here in South Colorado. It's not easy, but whatever we get, we'll just toss over the mountain towards ya.

    We've got y'all in our prayers. Hopefully we can get those fires contained and some cooler rain can help before winter hits.

  3. Seems life is a series of fixes sometimes, MDR. It's a good thing you're pretty handy in that regard or it would be a lot worse. We still have not got to meet your daughter face to face, but from the three or four conversations I've had with her the past couple of weeks, I'm so impressed! She's got backup plans for backup plans and included in all her plans are ways to keep those who will worry about her informed. That's one smart and sensible young lady you raised!

    When the drought was just bad and not HORRIBLE yet, we used to joke that we live in a donut hole ...it would rain all around us, but not at our place. Well, to look at the fire maps now, we are still in the donut hole with fires all around us, but not our place. So I'm grateful.

    We are as prepared as we can be for whatever comes and will try to make smart decisions if decisions have to be made. Ultimately, it's up to the good Lord so I figure we're in good hands.

  4. I'm not going to lie fa-fa, when I read this post, I laughed. Like, out loud. Dontcha just love the little things? :)

  5. LOL @ "fa-fa". I don't want my girls to leave home...ever...

    boo hoo.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    SFG - I hope I don't have to again either.

    Mudbug - Bring that rain on.

    HB - She says she is trying to get the meeting arranged. I guess this the one time you are glad you do live a donut hole.

    BEB - I bet you did

    TOJD - Yup, that is what she calls me, I don't know why.
    I didn't either.

  7. All of Texas is on high alert and for good reason. The VFD here next to me says Texas is a powder keg and he is right.

    We has smoke last night an a bit of ash. If that is the worst then I am grateful.