Thursday, September 8, 2011


For the past month I have been doing my own kinda study and keeping track of certain key words typed into the Google search area. I was wanting to to keep track of how fast some of these words grew by popularity over the last few weeks.

With all the Economic down turn in the news and the fear of a total national failure, I figured words like prepper, prepping and survivalist would sky rocket in new websites and hits generated by the search engine. Sure enough they did just that.

Here are the results I came up with: 

Survivalist - In one month about 900,000 new hits were added when searching this word. A growth of about 30,000 a day. Totaling 3,650,000 all together when you search it.

Prepper - 210,000 new places to click were added in a month. A growth of 7,000 hits a day. The sites to click for this word is about 1,030,000.

Prepping - 10,400,000 places to check out when you put this word in the search box. Believe it or not, this word had little growth over the month by adding just 100,000 places to go. That is a little over 3,000 sites a day.

To me it looks like the trend has gone from prepping to surviving. I am not sure if this is what they call a "Band Wagon" and a lot of people are just jumping aboard because they have figured out what they are doing is not going to work. I would like to have seen the numbers at two years ago before the election.  

I just found it interesting, that's all.

Oh, one more thing,
Redneck - 39,400,000 places to click and holding steady. Kinda makes you think who has it all figured out, hu?  


  1. City folks may develop street smarts over time, but as the song say, 'a country boy can survive.' It's the truth.

    Fire in Bastrop is 70 percent under control, more than twice the percent they were saying yesterday. Wind is calm and though it's sunny and probably 95 degrees outside, it is refreshingly COOL compared to the heat wave we've endured in recent months. Technically my vacation started today ...but in reality my 'work' for today just shifted from my paid job to my domestic duties. I'm spending today getting this house and Yeoldfurt prepared to do without me for the next few days. I'll only be gone three nights and I'm sure he'll survive. He might even enjoy his total autonomy for the first couple of days. Then he'd better start missing me. He better be missing me a lot by the time I get home Monday. If not, then I'm not doing my job as his wife very well, am I?!

  2. That is pretty interesting, actually. I never thought of doing that.

  3. Very interesting, actually. Guess people have seen the light. Thanks.

  4. Thank y'all for commenting.
    HB - Thanks for the update on the fires.

    ATH - I don't know if it was worth all the trouble or not.

    Stephen - Thanks buddy. It was just something to do I guess.

    John - Thank John. What it all means in the end, I don't know.

  5. MDR, your statistics just prove what i've always believed. Rednecks have more fun than people. Don

  6. I have started getting my bob together after your post the other day not to sure about the food stuff tho and nmaybe first aid stuff not a whole lot of room in those bags for much got any ideas and this posting was very interesting it is what I have been thinking for a long time now

  7. Anonymous - Even if you never have to use the BOB, it is always good to have and take with on trips or outings.
    When putting your bag together, have the mind set of a three day camping trip where you will be dropped off with nothing but your bag. You will have to have everything you need to survive for those three days in a bag that is light enough to carry. That means going miniature.
    First aid kits can be bought complete and small.
    Daily Medications, I vacuumed sealed at least a weeks worth of prescription and over the counter medications in different baggies with labels.
    For all the other stuff I walked down the camping isles at every store I went to. I picked up the small stuff used for hikers because they are compact and light weight.
    Do not get me wrong, my bag is stuffed and I even have things hanging off the outside. I also had to have a food and water bag to be attached to the main bag. It holds all the MRE's, energy bars and water bottles.
    I hope this helps and if you need anything else like a list of what I have in it just let me know.

  8. Don, Thanks for that great observation. I do agree.

  9. I think people are really afraid right now and they are thinking more on the lines of survival than prepping. Maybe as time passes they will settle down into the prep mode. I know it seems like many are in survival mode here in Texas. We have had some wake up calls. Let's see who doesn't forget them.