Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thanks And Giving

I had to do some business tonight so this will be a quick post.

 Meet Thanks and you can just see the head of Giving.

We picked these up a few months ago as day old chicks. The tom is a Blue Slate and we call him Thanks. He has two Bourbon Red hens and I don't know which is which but one is call Giving.

He is still young and just started to puff up for us. It might be hard to eat him because he is really pretty. I can't wait till all his feathers come in.
This holiday season might just be a Giving without the Thanks.
What a Ham, oh, I mean Turkey for the camera.


  1. He's beautiful! I've never seen a turkey that color ...gorgeous!

  2. Looks awesome! My mom and dad got a old tom from someone years ago and that thing was a beast and mean. Any time we would joke with local hunters about a nice size turkey for them to go for, my mom would get mad. She said he was too pretty to eat.

  3. Thank yall for the comments.

    HossBoss, I have been wanting a Blue Slate Tom for some time now because of his colors. That is why I don't know if I am wanting to eat him or not.

    Yes Coley, that is kinda where we are at right now.

  4. Every Thanksgiving I fight for ham...but no, gotta be Turkey. Nice turkeys, like the blue.

  5. oh my goodness what a beautiful guy! not sure i would be able to eat him...but if he is that beautiful he must be good no?

    can you keep him for breeding or something? (sorry if that is a lame question...i don't know anything about turkeys. unless they are the wild kind. and the wild kind aren't that pretty. so they make for easy supper.)

    your friend,

  6. you wouldn't be the first to turn a future dinner into a pet - he really is a good looking fella!

  7. Stephen, Thanks. We all just fight for what we can get. If you go hungry then that means you were not bad enough to be fist in line.

    Kymber, Thank you and yes he is. I think the wife wants to keep him for breeding purposes and also keep one Bourbon Red hen to see what colors they throw together.

    Jambaloney, we have eaten many, many pets in the past, but this is our first time we have really raised turkeys do I think I am going to keep him and one hen then we will have only one to eat.