Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Down And Out

I will be down and out for a few days. A couple of days ago I started getting a chest cold. I went to the doctors yesterday and when he came in and asked what was wrong, I told him I was dying. Without missing a beat he said he hoped I had already paid my co-pay for the visit then. I in-turn told him I wanted a Doctor, not a comedian.

It ends up I have pneumonia. The doc told me stay home and rest for a day or two but being the man I am I chose to go to work this morning. I should not have done that. I lasted only a hour before heading home.

I will get back to the blog this weekend. I have a 40 year old birthday post I need to do for the wife.

See y'all in a couple of days.


  1. All 'ya need is a fifth of Wild Turkey or Southern Comfort and a bag of jerky....chew, drink, repeat.

    Sorry, hope you get well soon.

  2. Hey bro raw deal, get better quick.

  3. Hey fa-fa, you could just do what you told me to, and gurgle a shot of tequlia. Didn't help? Join the club :) haha but I hope your feelin better for when I come into town this weekend! :)

  4. Sending best wishes and prayers your way.....

  5. Yep its fall, seems folks are starting to get sick. Long winter ahead of illiness?

  6. MDR - soooo very sorry to hear this. and instead of writing everything down on what herbal medicines can help with pnuemonia - here is a link if you are interested:

    lots of good info there. and dear friend - get some garlic, honey and apple cider vinegar (with the mother in it!) pronto!

    please take care of yourself and rest, rest, rest! and eat lots of teas and broths!

    i am looking forward to the birthday post. i am sure that it will be written in your true awesome style.

    your friend,

  7. I hope ya feel better soon. Although when your so old it takes

  8. A shot of Jack followed by a shot of hot pepper juice should do the trick. If not, rest, and lots of reading.
    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  9. mdr - hope you get better soon - take all medicine suggested, but be sure to rest up - not advice i take myself all the time, but it is the cure!

    take care!!

  10. Take care and get better, Dude.

  11. Thank all y'all for the thoughts and comments. I hope this will pass soon as well.