Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back On Line

The sewer is back on line and everything is flowing again operating as normal. Even the sprinkler heads the Llama ate have been replaced. Everything is new now and should last a couple of more years, I hope. I tried all week to find the best deal on the parts but these specialty items never go on sale. I hate paying full cost on anything.    

Speaking of which,
I mentioned earlier this week about building a sprinkler system for the raised beds. Let me just say there is a benefit to being a hoarder. I was able to scrounge around and find almost everything I need to build the complete system, I don't know why I didn't do it before.
We planted the fall gardens a couple of weeks ago and just as the tinder little sprouts came up, the sun and heat zapped them dead.
To at least have something for the winter, we had to come up with this sprinkler system and replant the gardens.
I am two weeks to a month behind on things like corn, green beans and squash but if we have a late winter it should be ok, if not then we will do without.  
I had everything on hand except the sprinkler heads and the little risers which I got on sale. Each bed is 16'X4' and has two full circle shrub heads for full coverage. There are valves at the front of each bed making it possible to irrigate one at a time. Total project cost, $8.00 to irrigate five raised beds. The cost if I was not a Hoarder, $80.00 .


  1. Looks good, Bubba. Nice work. Can't get over critters eating sprinkler heads...strange animals.

  2. Yes Stephen Llamas are. They have not made up their mind if they want to be a horse or a camel.

  3. They act like goats eating all that stuff.

    Keep plugging away at it, MDR

  4. I don't think you are a hoarder. In my mind, that's a person who keeps useless stuff in great piles everywhere. A frugal, careful person never throws away anything that is still useful. Pipe, hardware, tools, anything that might serve a purpose in the future, I keep that stuff. I pack it and catalog it if I don't plan on using it anytime soon. How many times have you hauled something to the dump, then a month later you're working on something and think "if I only had that old whatever I threw away."

  5. you shouldn't post pics like that. Now my wife is gonna be pissed when she sees the new sprinkler system I built.

  6. Sorry for the late reply.

    Mat - Thanks buddy.

    ATH - What is useful to me is another persons trash. I have a buddy that always asks me why I keep all this stuff. I just told him about this sprinkler job and that is why I do it. He said that he would have rather bought the stuff new than to trip over it for months until he needed it.
    It all boils down to how you look at it I guess.

    HH - Thanks G

    Mudbug - Let me know if I can help. I have other pics I can send her if she needs to rub it in a little more.