Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Up, It's Up!!!!!!

The fall gardens are coming up.
Even though I am very late on some of the planting, I was very happy to see the fall gardens are growing like gang busters.
I know it's late but the corn is up. I doubt it will make but it's still up.

Just like most, my summer gardens were burnt to a crisp. I gave up on them only half way through the growing season.  Nothing but a few jars of okra were put by this year and I had to get them from my mom's garden.

Big beautiful starting winter and summer squash plants.

Salad beds are sprouting. I love me some fresh salad.

We broadcast all the salad seeds for a great mixture of several different kinds of greens and lettuces.

I am guessing the cooler weather with the added new sprinkler system is the only reason I have growth.

Not pictures are the carrots, other kinds of beans and many more. This is the first time I have had something green in the gardens in months.

Bush Beans coming in about a month late.
I will have to wait and see what they do.  


  1. MDR, I just sent you an email...

  2. i am super excited for you - we had some really crappy weather this june and july - gray, rainy, stormy, windy, rainy and during both months had about 3 days that were sorta sunny - needless to say my garden is almost a complete failure this year except for my potatoes - thank you potatoes! we have just started some new seedlings in a little plastic green house and hope that by using the greenhouse and some hoop-houses that we can continue to grow some stuff until novemberish.

    my tomatoes have finally started to get some colour. come on little tomatoes. we have some 10ml plastic around all of the cages except the top, no signs of frost for the next 2 weeks but if the temp starts to drop at night we will wrap the tops of the tomatoe cages in the evening.

    anyway - much good luck and good vibes being sent your way for your fall garden!

  3. sorry to hear yo had a bad season as well - good luck with your fall garden, we'll try to send some of our rain your way ;-)

  4. Oh, forgot, it's radio tower weekend. Much sweat ahead.