Sunday, July 31, 2011

Down And Out

While the family was out yesterday we stopped by the book store to browse around a bit. They had all four of my wish list books on hand. They never have the books I am looking for when I have money, but today when the pockets are running dry, they had them all.
I have a nice collection of books and magazines already. The books range from Self Preparedness to Pioneer living and the magazines are mainly Backwoods, Grit and Mother Earth.
I am not much of a reader when it comes to romance novels or just your normal everyday book, I need real stuff that is practical and I can learn something from. The wife reads three to four books a week and I ask her if she learned anything. She just gets mad and stomps off.

Today is not to good of a day. The youngest brought home some bad stuff from church camp and now we all got it. It's kinda like the flu or strep throat. I have been using that for an excuse to take a couple of shots of whiskey to try and kill the bug that is hanging around down there.
Have you ever gargled tequila? It will almost take your breath away.      

Yall have a good week and stay cool. The weather man last night said this week will be the hottest yet and we are going to break all kinds of records. Oh joy!


  1. Take care. I hope you and the family are feeling better very soon. Yes, stay cool.

  2. I've never even tasted tequila ..the whole 'worm thing' makes me not want to ...but gargle with it? Yikes!

    If your throat is sore or scratchy, try gargling with salt water. It will de-barnacle the 'pipes' and kill any bugs trying to take up residence there.

    Does the store you were at have a layaway plan? I hope your day and the coming week go much better.

  3. They are all great books, but may I make a suggestion? Purchase a Kindle (an e-book reader from Amazon) that way when there is money in the pocket, you can purchase the books you want without ever having to rely on the bookstores. As for prepping? They can easily be charged with a single car battery, and a 12v to USB converter (takes 4v for 3hrs to charge) but with that said, we are using two of them, for several hours every day, the batteries last 2-3 weeks, with the WiFi turned off! No problems with ever having to worry about them not working when you need them! (and no I am not a paid spokesman!)

  4. I like books. I know a lot of people use the Kindle and really like it. Can't warm to it myself, though. I want a book on the shelf and when I read I want to turn pages. I am hopelessly out of sync with the times. I know it.
    Hope you all get to feeling better. We are just getting over a spell of the bug here in the mountains, too.

  5. You can also download kindle books to a computer to read without actually buying the kindle appliance. I love a book though and instead of buying them I have ordered them from the library first to see if I want them. Currently I am reading one one you list. Seymours Self sufficient life and how to live it. It's a very promising book and I may end up buying it. Also Ed Begley's Guide to sustainable Living although I can see that one becoming dated because it is technology based. However I think it will have some good information in it. I checked out another book that was on mother's reading list but I found it to be way out of date. That is why I get them from the library first.

  6. Thank yall for the comments.
    Genevieve - Thanks and we are trying.

    HossBoss - No, NO, you are thinking of very cheap Tequila smuggled in from Mexico. I am talking about the good stuff and it will kill anything on the spot. I only keep it around for medical reasons......
    No I don't think they do but I will try and save up for one at a time.

    KingAzJay - The wife has a Nook and I have downloaded a couple of books to it but it's not the same. I need a book I can dogear, highlight, take notes in and so on. I like her like nook for reading, but for showing how to build something, it ain't worth a flip. I can't tell what diagram goes to what because you just can't look at two pages at once.

    ATH - I am right there with ya. When I am done with a book it knows it is read.

    sista - That's a good idea. I will have to ask about that. I can then make copies of what I want to keep. Most of the stuff is just a filler anyway.