Friday, July 1, 2011

Redneck Thought Of The Day

I was listening to a Christian radio show this morning and the host got me to thinking.

If a Gay gene was to be found and it was proven that you are born that way and a pregnant woman carrying a baby with the gay gene decided to have an abortion, would the gay activists demand the ban on abortions and would the government then recognize it is a baby because it's gay?

Just a thought. 


  1. Hmm good point. And the answer is yes! I found this saying somewhere, can't remember for the life of me.

    When blacks have identity it is called pride.
    When indians have identity it is called culture.
    When jews have identity it is called history.
    When whites have identity it is called racism

    The last one needs to be changed to "When Conservative whites have identity it is called racism." One of my brothers told me once"If gay people are so secure in what they are about then why do they keep having these pride parades and festivals. So because straight people do not have all this feel good stuff directly because they are straight, does that mean we are not secure in our feelings?" Don't get me wrong I have nothing against gay people, I just do not believe in that lifestyle.

  2. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt. BTW, finished with your archives yesterday. Good reading.

  3. I don't beat up Gays, I figure if they are not pushing it in my face then I have other things to worry about. But I don't like it when they start doing things like this business in California, where now teachers have to teach "the achievements of gays, lesbians and transgendered people." That's not right. First off, if someone makes a contribution that merits a place in history, it ought to stand on it's own and not be tied to that stuff. Second, if there isn't time enough now to teach all the things teachers are supposed to get to, how are we going to cover everything in the classroom along with all the special interests? Things are really, really screwed up in this country and this is one of the issues that is doing it. I'd say Coley is right on target.

  4. To Coley:
    I think you can tell your brother that if gay people didn't have to fight to have the same rights as straights (such as the ability to visit partners in the hospital or make decisions for them when they can't) they wouldn't have to have parades and such. Blacks had to have demonstrations to get the same rights as whites.Voting, jobs, or just going into businesses that were "white only". I don't give a hoot as to what they do in their own home. I don't think anyone should care about what I do behind closed doors either but because I am straight and white no one else cares either.
    I also think our schools should be educating our kids and leave the raising of kids to the parents. Unfortunately there are a lot of parents out there that think the schools are suppose to raise their kids for them. There in lies the problem. Taking responsibility for your own.

  5. Thank yall for the comments.
    Coley - I agree that we are all not on an equal playing ground. Some can do and some can't and it depends on what you are is to how far they will let you go. I didn't make the rules.

    Stephen - Thanks for the complement. I have not even done that yet. I hope that nothing contradicted itself.

    AtH - But they are pushing it in your face and you gave a great example of it.

    sista - I also agree on what you said, but give me my rights too. I did not make those rules all those many years ago. I should not be punished for my beliefs, but I am.
    As far as the school and parents responsibility goes, I could not have said it better myself.

  6. Good stuff, Bubba. Keep it coming.

  7. I am gay however I am also pro life. I personally don't feel I have a say over what another woman does. She will have to live with the consequences of any choices that she makes.

    I do believe I was born this way however I can not say as to if it was because of some Gay Gene. To be honest I don't really care why I am gay. It is what it is. As a matter of fact I don't even think about it unless someone brings it up. I live a normal life with the person I have been in love with for 14 years. We have 4 children all adults now. None of them are lesbians btw. We are very blessed with an abundance of love.

    I know some people feel my lifestyle is wrong. That is fine. Everyone must live their own truth. I would not want anyone to do otherwise. I feel comfortable at the fact that I will be able to not only stand in front of God with my head held up but to also thank him for allowing me such a wonderful love.

    Life is to short to not be who you are.

  8. Guess I missed something. Not sure what rights you are talking about but agree that you shouldn't be punished for your beliefs either. Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree in this world and let people be what or who they are. If we were all the same it would be really boring. Guess this post got people going huh? yikes!

  9. Yes I can say this post has gotten the most comments yet. I can write about chickens, goats, gardens, end of the world and life in general, but when it comes to this topic, it's touchy.

    What bothers me the most I guess is that the real point was never addressed in all these comments. From the beginning here it was all about Gay rights and if you don't look in my window I won't look in yours. Nobody mentioned the rights of the unborn.

    All of yall are part of this family and I do thank each of you for participating in this subject. We will never see eye to eye on everything and like sista said, if we did it would boring.
    But I do have to make one comment about what Genevieve said. When I come face to face with my maker, I will not stand with boastful pride, my chest sticking out and head held high. I will fall to my face on the ground and beg him for forgiveness so that I might, only from his grace, dwell in his house forever.

  10. Do not take what I say as boastful. I will stand before got with my chest out and my head high. Not slumped in shame but rather in humble gratitude. God has given me much more than I ever felt possible.

    As for the unborn child. I disagree with people who use abortion as a means of birth control. I believe all life is sacred and should be treated as such. We live in such a selfish society that people have forgotten that.

    As for why a woman would have an abortion, I am sure there are many. For what ever reason I hope she searches her heart before taking such a drastic measure. It is a day she will never be able to erase.

  11. Genevieve, I have known women who have and it still haunts them to this day.