Monday, July 25, 2011

Community Support

My cousin that moved from Georgia a few months ago works in town at a nice little merchandise store. It's almost like a Mini Walmart of sorts. The other day she brought over several bags full of what the store did not want to box up and keep during the winter.

This is just part of the seed haul. My mom got a bunch and I think several other members of the family got some as well. I think we counted last night close to 400 packages of herbs and vegetable seeds and still have a whole other bag of flower seeds.
The wife and the youngest sat in the floor and separated them all out.
They decided on what they wanted to keep and plant and the rest is being donated to the church.

Our church has a hope ministry that gives food to whoever needs it with no questions asked. All the church asks for is that they get to pray with you before you leave. These seeds will go to the community garden to grow more food to give to the ones that need it. They will also be given away in the package to help people start there own gardens so they can grow their own food.
In the right hands, a package of seeds can be worth so much more than one sack of produce.

Thank yall for stopping by. Have a great day tomorrow. 

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  1. What a haul, Redneck! Sounds like a nice ministry that your church has going too.

  2. That is AWESOME!!

    I met a lady online that started The Dinner Garden. She was just awarded a CNN Hero. Check out her website:

    Here is another site you might find of interest:

    I totally believe in helping others help themselves. Give them the tools to not only help themselves but to also share with others. The gift that keeps on giving.

  3. That's awesome, now let's start praying for good weather when the time comes! - Izzy

  4. Great find and it's nice for your church. Lame comment...still half asleep.

  5. Thats a totally amazing catch! Great donation to your church too. That was a nice freebie...ya got to love a good freebie!

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments. I did not relize I did not re-comment on this post until now so sorry for the late response.

    HossBoss - It is and I wished I had more time so I cound help out.

    Genevieve - Thanks for the links, I will check them out as soon as I can.
    If we don't give someone the tools, then how do we ever expect them to build a foundation thay can walk on. If they don't want them, then at least we did our job.

    ATH - I do agree.

    Stephen - A lame comment is better than no comment.

    Ann - There is nothing better than a good freebie.

  7. What a fine thing to do for hungry folks. Like you, I ran across your blog from the comment you left for the nest box give away. I've followed Life on a Southern Farm for a long time. FarmMan is extremely crafty and builds things all the time. Me? Just a backyard rabbiteer looking to add some chickens one day. Hopefully, I can get back to the country and out of this city life.


  8. Mike - Thanks for becoming a new family member of MDR. I invite you to go back and read some of earlier posts about moving from the country farm to the city. I improvised by making it into a mini farm. I still had chickens, rabbits and quail and all the while having neighbors on both sides of me. We did finally move back out to the country and now we have a bigger mini farm. LOL
    Thanks again for hitting the follow button. If you need anything just let me know.