Sunday, July 24, 2011

250 Miles To E

When I put gas in my truck, the little computer shows a message on the dash how many miles I can drive until I hit empty. If I run out of gas then I guess I can not blame anyone but myself because a continually watch the miles roll off until I get uncomfortable enough and stop for gas. Then the whole process starts all over again.

This morning I did the same thing, but instead of filling my truck up with gas, I filled my soul up with the Holy Spirit. My gauge read 1 1/2 days to E and I was getting uncomfortable with my thoughts, actions and words. Some weeks my soul tank can run and never fall below half a tank and other weeks I am flirting with empty by Tuesday night. It would not hurt me one bit to top off my tank three times a week and some of the times I need to.
Daily devotion by reading the good book is one way I try and keep the gauge sitting above the half mark during the week and often a quick prayer is like one of those 5 hour energy drinks.  This week I got into the flesh a little bit and didn't like it. If it was not for the 5 hour energy boosts my tank would have ran out a lot sooner.
I tell you right now, the spirit was moving in Church this morning. If you did not get on fire then your wood was wet.
Come on in fellers, the waters fine.        

I wanted to give a shout out to a new blog. She has been a reader of Modern Day Redneck for a long time and has just started down the road of having a blog. She has a way with words and is a whole lot better writer than I am. Of course most of yall are anyway.
If yall could show her the same support you have showed me I would appreciate it.


  1. It sure does fill nice to have a "full tank." And just think, it doesn't cost US anything.

  2. Good post, good point, MDR. We all have 'wet wood' once in a while, but the best way to dry it out (and keep it dry) is to stay close to the Word. Our spiritual health, like so many other things, is only as good as our commitment to it. The more we put into our relationship with God, the more we get out of it. If we only exercised one day out of seven, or worse ...only once or twice a year on holidays ...we wouldn't be very physically 'fit' now would we?

    : )

  3. First of all thank you MDR. I noticed that you became a follower and I couldn't have you following a blank blog. Thank you for giving me the nudge I needed. If if you didn't know you were doing it. I was thinking you were a hard act to follow with words. I guess we all are a little hard on ourselves.

    I never did very good with church but I was always able to find God in the woods. That is where I felt closest to him. When I lived in Waco I was going through a hard time and I remembered a Little House on the Prairie episode where Laura goes to be closest to God by climbing a mountain to pray. I went to the highest spot I knew of, Lover's Leap.

    I do my best to stay in constant contact. I am human therefore sometimes I fall short but I always return.

    Just yesterday I was talking on FB about how we forget that we are actually a soul within the human body. That helps me keep things in perspective if I remember that not only am I a soul put everyone I come in contact with is a soul inside the body. Helps me keep my emotions in check. Most of the time. ;)

  4. Sometimes it is so easy to let up on our spiritual life a bit. We can be easily pulled away from our good side by the evil one. Peter lost his focus on the Lord and started to sink. Keep up the faith MDR. Good post!!!!!

  5. Nice, peaceful note. Thank you. Went to Hilltop and joined as a follower. She seems very nice and look forward to her writings.

  6. I vote this as the best post of the year. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you

  7. Thank yall for all the comments.
    sfg - It is amazing to think how much that tank cost.
    HossBoss - At least for me, it takes being very active in the word or I start to drift off the narrow path. When I was preaching I never thought I was worthy enough to do it because I have failed so many times.
    John - Thanks John, my faith is well founded but sometimes I fall from the path. To be honest, I spend most of my time in the woods looking at the path but take the hard way instead.
    Stephen - Thanks for showing her support. I am as well wanting to see what all she has to say.
    KingAzJay - Thanks buddy and welcome to the Modern Day Redneck family.
    I want to do more posts like this one and even thought about doing a Sunday sermon and calling it "The Lord Loves Rednecks". What do you thank?
    I joined your blog and look forward in reading what you have to say.

  8. Genevieve - Now the pressure is on, 13 followers in one day is fantastic.