Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old Tires

You know if you have an old tire and it keeps going flat on you. You put in several cans of Fix-A-Flat and it has so many plugs in it you find yourself pushing in a plug next to another one and airing it up hoping it will get you to town and back. That's kinda like my AC. We did get it going again by patching a patch that had been patched. The unit will have to be replaced eventually but for now we are replacing non working parts with wore out parts to keep it running till fall.

For the past two mornings I have been going over to my dad's with my buddy Dave and my youngest girl to put the roof back on the barn that blew off in the storms we had a month or so ago. Let me tell you what, you might think your all that but when you have to hold up boards and a 20 pound nail gun standing on a 3'X3' platform attached to the front of a tractor 20' in the air, at the end of the day even your butt cheeks hurt.
It was just in prep for what I plan to do on Tuesday I guess.

I would have taken the camera but I didn't want it to get hurt. 


  1. You keep workin' like that and your 'day at the homestead' in Brenham is going to feel like a walk in the park! Glad we're still on for Tuesday. Looking forward to it!

    : )

  2. Same here HossBoss. I was not going to miss it for the world.

  3. The tire on our wheel barrow was like that... finally broke down and got a new one!

  4. And that's whats going to have to happen SciFiChick, But I would rather buy a tire than a AC unit any day.

  5. Old age isn't for wussies is it Bubba....

  6. I worked with a guy doing roofing a long time ago. I remember roofing a barn, in August. It was some of the hardest, most draining work I ever did.