Saturday, July 16, 2011

733 Miles Part 2

Sorry it took so long to get back to part 2 of this series. It has been really busy around here since we got back from out little trip.
For the blogs I follow, I do apologize for not being able to leave as many comments as I should, but hopefully things will slow down a bit and I can get back to reading and commenting again.

Part 2
The first part was about the blog meet and the girl going to college and this part is is about the trip and what we did.
Being a native Texan I feel it is my duty to learn as much as I can about this great state. I am ashamed at the fact the first time I saw the Alamo was when I was in my early thirty's but never the less I did see it.

Next on the list was Washington on the Brazos which is what we did this week. It is the birth place of Texas and it is where the Deceleration of Independence from Mexico was drafted and signed.     
We also had to prove that the wife is a direct descendent of one of the signers and she got a t-shirt and is registered with the Daughters of the Republic of Texas now. 

There is not much to this little town but the history of just walking in the foot steps where Sam Huston and many other famous Texans did is enough to put you in aww.
This building is Independence Hall where all the delegates met to read the Deceleration and vote on it.   
If you are into History and like a good story on how Texas came to be, then this is the place to be.

After the tour of Washington on the Brazos I put on my work boots and got my gloves because it was time to work on the farm.
I have been gitty about this for a week and told the wife that is I did not get to do anything else but work the team of oxen, I would be happy.
The hype was all for nothing. It was in the off season and the farm was all but shut down. The half drunk guide saw my disappointment and took us on a tour anyway.
The first place we stopped was the chicken pen. He proceeded to tell me all about chickens and when he was done I told him his chickens are sick and how to cure them. He would not hitch up the oxen for me and most of the buildings were under construction so we did not get to go in them.
I did get to do some wood working but I showed little enthusiasm doing so.
He talked as if he farmed hundreds of acres and when I asked him is this all the fields he had, he just lowered his head and said yes.
On our way out he said he needed to get back to the chicken pen and do some work on it. I perked up and asked if I could help and he said no.
Big, big disappointment. They advertise it to be a place to come and live like your ancestors did so that's what I was going to do. All it is, is a tourist attraction.

A days ride on horse back away we found the Fanthrop Inn. You need to look this one up. A unbelievable story of a guy that came from England and lived the dream. This is on the way to Washington on the Brazos and everyone stopped here before heading on in. Sam Houston had his own room here and three presidents had slept here.
 This was fine dinning. A servant would stand outside the window and pull on the rope that made the fans move back and forth to keep you cool and to keep the flies off ya while you ate. That's living right there.
Everything in this Inn is original items from the 1840's and 50's that were used in the Inn.
A must see.    

Besides the working farm, it was a good trip. I love history and learning everything I can about it. On this trip I got to learn quite a bit of the not so normal stuff you learn out of a book.
I am not sure the wife liked it as much as I did though.    

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