Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Days Off

I hope everybody had a great holiday. It was a hot one here but end the end everyone had a good time, ate plenty of good food and everyone got home safe.

For some reason my work decided to take today off with yesterday and make it a four day weekend. Believe me I am not complaining but it is to hot to do much outside so I am only wanting to get out early in the morning and late in the evening. Last night I worked up until 9:30 and early this morning I got some fence repair done. Other than that is has been laying around and watching movies and relaxing.

I have really been wanting to do some research on some things but have been to lazy to even read. I was wanting to find out how long a earth oven would last while out in the weather. They all say you have to do routine maintenance on them anyway, but nobody says if they last out in the open where they can get rained on or if you have to put a cover over them.
If I have to do all that then I will just make mine out of fire brick and concrete instead of having the thing melt away in a rain storm.

I think I am going to go ahead and make the outdoor kitchen for the simple reason of seeing if it will all work together. In the event I move in a few years, I will then be able to adjust the areas and add or subtract items as needed to make it the most productive and useful outdoor facility it can be. Plus, I am getting tired of messing with chickens all the time.     


  1. http://hardworkhomestead.blogspot.com/2010/04/fire-in-hole.html

    You might want to check the above out...

  2. Enjoy the extra day. I have done nothing the past two days. I usually try to work the same way. Morning and evening when it is the coolest. Some days I just have to trudge through the day going in and out. I stay in more than out however as it takes longer to cool off then it does to over heat it seems.

    The outdoor kitchen sounds like a great idea. Especially during the summer months as it won't heat up the house. We talked of creating an outdoor "canning kitchen". Canning food sure can heat up the house.

  3. A day off is always good. I hope you're liking the new job. It's hot as blue blazes here too and the a/c went out in my car ...ugh! Fortunately, I drive in to work at 6:00am before it's hot. But on the way home, it's HOT. Dropping it off at the shop tomorrow. Hopefully it will be an easy (cheap) fix. But whatever it is, it IS ...gotta have a/c for a 40 mile commute in Texas!

  4. Thanks Denise for the link. I looked at it but have not had the time to really get into it. That is the plan for this week in the evenings.

    Genevieve, This will be used for a canning station as well. The AC struggles enough without heating the house up all day too.

    HossBoss, I drive 51 miles one way to the DFW airport where highways 121, 114 and 360 all come together. It is a nightmare. I would rather stay up here and play with the chickens then drive there.
    I hope the AC fix on your car is something small. Good luck with it.

  5. I found your site a few days ago and spent hours reading all your posts. I was living pretty much the same way 30 years ago. I married a city girl and that was the end of that. I don't know how it would be to have a wife and family that comes together as yours does. I am envious and will continue reading as you post and dream of days gone by.
    P.S. I can't see to pick the right profile, email: dupman@gmail.com

  6. Anonymous - She must have been some girl because I don't think I could give this up for anything. Some days I could, but in the end I will always come back.
    Thanks for reading and the compliments. When you pick the right profile, hit the follow button and become a member of the MDR family.
    Thanks again.