Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's Funny Like That

I tell you what's funny. I got more comments on yesterdays post on doing nothing than the post on a project I worked on day and night for several weeks. All I can do is chuckle and scratch my head on that one.

It is back to work for three days and off for another five. Next week is the week I prove to myself I have what it takes to live the way they did back in 1833. They may try and hurt me making the adventure only last a few minutes or if I can man up and take it, it may last all day. Either way I plan to enjoy every minute of it and try and learn a thing or two.
I have seen and read about places kinda like this where you can go and live for a few weeks and learn. I think it was a place called Rabbit Run or something like that but I cannot remember. From what I can recall, it is a ban of hippies living in the sticks and live off nothing but renewable energy and only using what they grew on the farm. It was part of the green movement. I guess they get there money from having workshops and people pay to learn. I would do it. 
They came up with several things I liked.  The grain silos they converted into houses was one of them. What I did not care for was the fact they used there own poo for fertilizer. Yes it was composted down and done right but I just don't see it. It was had enough to get the girls to use the outhouse much less have them go in a bucket with sawdust.  Never the less, I would like to try living 100% green for a while, I could improve the Mini Farm so much if I got the chance to learn and live that way.

Try and stay cool tomorrow.


  1. I second OJD, good luck. And, have fun.

  2. Not me, amigo. I need my comforts! And I don't like hippies, I confess it.

  3. I have a hard time with the composted humane poo thing but.... and this is still a big but (pun intended) I have a friend that lives in a beautiful cabin, rustic but beautiful, and they have a composting toilet. Other than the fact that the fan runs a lot and there isn't water in it you can't really tell that's what it is. Very modern looking. They live on another island that is only accessible by boat or water taxi. One of the coolest places I have ever been and I am really picky about the bathroom. Just can't get over that part of being a city slicker I guess.

  4. Thanks for the good luck guys.

    Sista-If I had to use one I would. I have used a lot worse in my day. I have not seen any of the modern ones up close and being used. I remember when I saw a composting toilet years ago it was nasty and the flies would hang off your butt while you were having a seat. I would rather use the woods.