Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where is Your Spot?

 I found this website a while ago and did the survey. It asked a few questions and then gives you your top 25 places you would most want to live. My # 1 spot is Mount Airy North Carolina. That is a long way from this hot and dry North Texas. You might enjoy seeing how far you are away from the spot you want to be at the most.

With the combined gardens of mine and my mom's, we were able to get enough cucumbers to justify heating the house and make pickles. The wife spent a few hours cutting and canning enough dill pickles to last over a year. 
I love that smell.

The gardens are having a real ruff time making it in this heat. I cannot put enough water on them to keep the plants alive. An hour after watering I can dig down an inch or so and hit dry ground. It does not matter how long I let the water run. I think next year I am going to bury the soaker hoses about three to four inches into the ground and then that might keep the soil moist longer.
I went ahead and pulled up some unproductive pepper plants and threw them to the chickens. The little hens had a field day with all those green leaves. These plants were not making many peppers anyway and the ones they did make were dried up before they got ripe.

It is to hot to do much outside today so I plan to get my Bug-Out-Bag together and ready. Now I just have to find it.
(That's funny)  


  1. Dill pickles are my favorite snack food. I can't make them though, so I have to buy them.

    The ground there really looks parched. We've had enough rain in North Georgia, but in South Georgia they are bringing water into some of the small towns in tanker trucks.

  2. Banana peppers is all we have had enough to do anything with so far. We have gotten a few cucumbers and tomatoes. Our pepper seem to be doing the best though.

    My garden is mulched which for me works best. Everyone else has burned up gardens but my is at least holding on for now. I mulched it with old hay as that is all I have at this time. I have been trimming branches from the trees in the fence line and feeding them to the goats & sheep. I will later mulch the branches and add that to the garden. That should help keep out the weeds and grass. Although I have to say the living mulch is helping loads too. We tried to weed it out to the fail of some of our crops so I have just left the rest and saw it as a blessing from God.

    @ Arsenius - Wow, my prayers go out to South Georgia.

  3. I wonder if you tried to incorporate peat moss and other compost into your garden area and tilled it deep it would hold water longer. The soaker hoses are a good idea.
    I change the contents of my get home bag several times a year, mostly for season changes.
    Love me some pickles, I do...

  4. I wish I had know that findyourspot wanted personal info before telling you your place. Had I known, I wouldn't have wasted my time. Oh well.

    Loves me some cucumber.

  5. Thank yall for the comments

    ATH-It is so parcher I have cracks 6" wide and several feet deep. I am afraid I am going to loose a chicken in them.

    Genevieve-We did the living mulch at the beginning but let it compost down during the growing season. It has either washed away or all blown away. The hay never stays put here with all the wind.

    Stephen-My gardens are layered with peat moss, compost, hay, shredded paper and dirt. each layer is just a 1" covering and then repeated till I get to the top. It should be more moist than it is.
    Is it just your clothes you change?

    Dave-I have done the survey several times over several years and never had any problems.

  6. Wow. I think I will stop feeling sorry for myself because it's raining in July. Instead I will count my blessings. I hope you get some relief soon.

    We have been working on our bags too, and you are right. There is no way to have everything you need in one bag. I keep telling myself it is not for a vacation it is for an emergency. In other words, skip the hair dryer, etc :) LOL.

    Oh and one mre thing - I make an awesome garlic dill pickle!


  7. Isn't Mount Airy where the Andy Griffith show was set? That sounds like a fine location to me! Arsenius the Hermit is right. It ain't no joke in South GA right now. My specific area has gotten some relief as of late. We've gotten as much rain in the last three weeks as we got in the previous 4 months. Some folks have it way worse. Corn crops are really suffering. Price increase anyone? Even still we aren't in any shape compared to TX, KS and the like. My prayers are with you folks.