Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Day

The youngest got back from church camp yesterday and you really don't know how much you miss the kids until they are gone for a few days. Plus, she is my helper. No matter what I am doing she is right there willing to lend a hand. So this morning I busted her out of bed at daylight and with some resistance, she followed suit and came out back to help with the morning chores.
She is the only one that does not have a job now and we try to give her some money here and there for whatever she needs, but it's nothing like having your own money to spend any way you want. Being that she does so much around here I told her this morning I would give her all the money from the cans if she bagged them up. The wife needs to go into town this week anyway and this little stop at the metal yard will give the youngest the pocket change she has been wanting. I have about 15 bags of crushed cans and I am figuring to get around 40 to 50 dollars.

After chores were done I wanted to make a quick run down to the old farm for some old barn wood. It seems someone dumped several truck loads of old fence panels out and now we have to haul them off.  I don't understand how someone can think they have the right to dump on another persons property like that. It takes a pretty worthless person to do that. Never the less, I picked up a truck load of the wood fence panels and took off a bunch of hinges and latches. This wood will eventually be made into some nice bird houses and other decorations. You can do so much with this stuff.
I once built a China hutch out of old fence pickets and I even put them down on my floors in the old house. Speaking of the old house, I trimmed it with fence pickets and all the interior doors were made with them as well. Talk about rustic.

One more thing. While I was down there, I decided to stop by a garage sell and see what all they had.  I picked up this old working three burner cook stove. I already have two, two burners but I never had a three burner. I got this for $5.00



  1. Sounds like a productive day, MDR. If you make a few cute crafty birdhouses and such out of the old pickets, you might be able to sell them at your monthly livestock sale you've been having. Foot-traffic and word of mouth from the livestock buyers might help you launch a whole new revenue stream.

    I agree with you about the nerve of some people dumping scraps or even animals on other people's property. They may not know who the property belongs to but they darn sure know it doesn't belong to them! But maybe you can turn these dumped pickets into a golden opportunity.

    : )

  2. Last year I was driving along the gravel road that runs beside part of my property line. There was an old truck there and two guys were cutting down lumber on my land as fast as they could. I got out and asked them what they thought they were doing. They said they had a forest service contract to thin the area. I am surrounded on three sides by national forest, but the forest service doesn't give contracts to thin out poplars, oaks, and silver maple. They thin out pines. I told those guys to get off my land, and that if I saw them or the truck again I'd report them. They left. Timber theft is a terrible problem up here, because the lumber yard across the state line takes timber no questions asked and pays a premium for timber you can use for furniture. I know how you felt, going out to your place and finding someone else had been there and had dumped trash on it.

  3. HossBoss - I was kinda hoping to do all that. I still need to build a work shop but in the end I will sell cages, wood crafts ect, ect...
    I was wanting this monthly sell to turn into a type of market square so to speak. Maybe one day.

    ATH - In Texas, you would have had the right to shoot them.

  4. @ MDR & ATH - It would have been hard for me not to shoot them. Dang, did that just sound redneck? lol

    There seems to be a general lack of respect in the world. I don't get it and I am grateful I don't because that means I am not that kind of person.

    I didn't do so good with the kids growing up. I was a bit stressed and way to strict. It was easier for me to do it myself then to have them help me. Man, did I ever miss out on some golden years. I have mellowed out with age however and I am much better. Just last month I was blessed that our oldest son (29 yrs) came to help with putting up an electric fence. I have also had my two granddaughters help around the farm. I like that they can look around and know they helped make it what it is today. I just wish I could have raised my children in the country like I was instead of the city life. Oh well, I guess they have the best of both worlds now.