Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Saga

The well saga is something I really did not want to continue to bore you with but I will give a quick update then move on.
In my last post I did not tell the whole story because I knew it would be a very long post and I get bored real easy when reading long posts. So here is the deal.
We are on a shared well here. The well is shared with two properties. The land in which the well sits on is the land to the North of me. It is a rental house and the owner lives in NC. I offered to fix it myself after finding a pump but she told me that she wanted a professional so the work would be under warranty and if I touched it then I own it. That is why I cannot buy a pump and fix it myself. We do share the cost of repair which in this case, my part is $900.00
I spoke with her yesterday and she wanted the amount up front or she would cut my water off. I told her I could pay it out but did not have it all upfront. She is being unreasonable about it. Now it has gotten into a legal issue and that is all I'm going to say about that.
The well has to fixed by the weekend due to the renting neighbors agreement with the landowner. Me and her will work it out one way or the other.

I read a post a week or so ago about the differences of being a prepper and a survivalist. It seems that the old survivalists do not like to be called preppers. Kinda like rich people do not like to be called yuppies and blue collar workers do not like to be called rednecks. I am a prepper until I have to be a survivalist. This week proves my point. I prepped for this and even though I was not 100% prepared, I can survive.

Help from family and friends goes along way when you are in need. My dad loaned me a 200 gallon water tank for the animals. While filling the tank I also refilled the toilet water containers. Worse comes to worse and he did not have water then I have enough to live on for a week or so before I have to start getting water from the lake and purifying it. This event also showed me the areas where I need to improve and where the biggest necessity is, more drinking water. I can always go to the bathroom behind the barn but having enough water to drink for a few months is essential.

Community support is one other area I did not take into consideration. When this happen I immediately went into survivor/pitty mode. Woe is me and now I have to struggle once more to live. Not knowing if this was going to be for a few days or a few months I got angry and wanted to flee. I plan to improve on that and stick to my guns. I would be worse off trying to start over somewhere rather than fixing the problem at hand. This place drives me crazy and I would much rather live in an more summer friendly environment but this is what I got for now.
The blogger community support is something I have never had until I decided to sit down and start one. I was set back at the support this community showed offering anywhere from pumps, labor to money. Yall don't even know me and were willing to do what it took to take care of this situation. That's American right there.
Even though I am not out of the woods yet on all this, I want to thank yall for the prayers, thoughts and support you showed. I know now not to stress as much if I get into another jam.

I won't bore yall anymore on the well saga. When it is fixed I will just say the water is flowing for now.
Thanks again.                


  1. Thank you for sharing your growth with us. I think we all have times we want to flee. Most of us just buckle down again once we get our whits about us because ultimately this is the life we love.

    You sharing your experience helps us all. It helps us realize we are not really prepared at all. I look around here in Northeast Texas and see tanks drying up. My neighbor down the road is having to sell horses and goats for what ever they can get because their tank as well as their well is running dry. These times are not for the faint at heart and I feel this is only the beginning. United we stand. Separated we fall.

    I am glad when you reached out you found strength in your friends. Friends you didn't really know you had.

  2. Thanks for commenting Genevieve. I hope I at least came away with something learned on this one.

  3. Glad to hear things are looking up, MDR. These trials and tribulations make us appreciate the good times even more. Just think how WONDERFUL that first hot shower is going to feel!

    Looking forward to that 'water is flowing' post!

    : )

  4. HossBoss-I have been using solar shower bags and I left one out to long yesterday evening and boy was it hot. What I am going to like the most is the fact I will not have to get on my knees to wash what little hair I have left. The girls all have been taking showers over at my mom and dad's and me and the wife have been using the bags.
    Thanks for the comment.

  5. We live too far away to do anything but offer our prayers to you and your family. Keep on keepin' on. All will work out. Once again our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  6. Seems to me you've done a very good job of coping. Life is hard enough, on a day to day basis, without having to deal with major calamities like a failed pump. Throwing some other person into the decision making process just makes it worse. I'd say whether you feel like a prepper or a survivalist, you've certainly proved you have the right mind set. As for being angry, who wouldn't have been?

  7. I agree with Arsenius, you've done well as can be expected. You're a good man for it. Proud to know you.

  8. Thanks for the comments guys.
    John-I appreciate your thoughts for the family.
    ATH-I am over the anger part, now it's time to get back to work and get this done. Yall were right in the beginning, it was and is a learning experience.
    Stephen-Always kind words. Thanks for the uplift.