Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where did They All Come From

This weekend the Mini Farm is open for business. It sounds funny to say that because if you called or just stopped by anytime you can still buy whatever we have for sell, but this is the advertised mass selling we do every month.
Chickens, man do we have the chicks to sell this month. Where they came from who knows but we got them. The brooder house and yard #1 is overflowing with anywhere from 2 to 6 week old yard birds of several different types of breeds. The price depends on the age and the breed. Plus the Bobwhite quail are getting on up there and can be sold and finished out for half of what a full grown one would cost at 18 weeks.

I think the wife only has a couple of pygmy goats she is wanting to sell and bring the herd to what we want to start off with in the fall.
Speaking of goats, we had a three hit the ground today but I am a little leery of the momma. One was still born and another is just not acting right. I am afraid we have another Lucy on our hands and will have to bottle feed the thing. The momma is being stand offish for some reason. This is not her first kidding with us and and she did great last time.

 I also think I am going to sell some worms. The youngest says we are getting too many in our worm beds and need to thin them down a bit but I need to check before I post the add. I know how she is.

The gardens are making just enough for us right now so there will not be any fresh produce for sell this time around. I have always wanted to do a CSA garden but am afraid of a bad growing year and then have to refund all that money that is already spent. I have the room if I wanted to do it but I just don't have the nerves at this time. The CSA is all part of the master plan but I am just not ready to build that many gardens.

All this is fixen to get a little harder. The wife went out and found a job and she starts tomorrow. I support her in this but on the other hand it is nice to have her at the house. With the middle daughter needing a car and the added college costs with the oldest one, the extra money will be nice and much needed. Even if we have to stop all the animal selling for a while, it would be worth it to get caught up.

I have an idea on a post I am going to write tomorrow titled "Standards Of Living". I was inspired to write it when I was reading about the hardships of one of the bloggers I subscribe to. Come back, check it out and tell me what you think.   


  1. I know how you feel about the CSA. I have thought about doing that but the stress of knowing I HAVE to do it is just not worth it. I would rather build an email list that I can post availability to my customers then they can order what they want.
    I'm looking forward to your next post. Sounds interesting.

  2. The CSA worries me. What if I have a terrible year? I would feel so bad, I'd let the members have it and I'd have to eat store-bought tomatoes. It's okay getting rid of some once I am sick of canning them though. :)

  3. That is a good idea sista, that would take care of the bad growing season. The one problem I see is that nobody would locked in and you might end up with way to much produce, but if they were faithful customers then they could be counted on. I like that idea and it would be a lot easier.
    Mandy, that is the reason I don't do it yet.