Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nice Thoughts

I stepped out of the camper this morning right as the sun was coming up over the horizon. A since of calmness was all around and not a single sound echoed in the stillness of the new day. I yawned and stretched my arms as far out as they would go to loosen up my old bones and popping some back into place. A fresh new day awaited me and I was not about to loose a second of it.
To top off the beautiful morning, a cubby of quail flushed and flew right over where I was standing. I smiled as I watched them glide over the fence with such charm and grace. I have never seen a wild cubby of quail out this way before and I had a moment of peacefulness knowing that they might be on the rebound and growing in numbers.
As the fogginess of sleep slowly dissipated from my eyes and brain I thought, "Those quail were really small to be wild." Then It hit me, I looked over at the brooder house and the door to the quail room was standing wide open. Those graceful wild flying cubby of quail are mine!

Sleeping in a camper in the backyard while still paying a mortgage payment on the house is not all that bad. No really, this morning it was a chilly 55 degrees in the camper when the house never cooled below 85. To top it all off, I have had two nieces staying with me this weekend so seven people in a pop up camper is a little cramped but without modern conveniences you find things to do and talk about. Yesterday evening we decided to forget about our problems and spent the remainder of the day at the lake laying around and cooling in it's waters, it was nice. 

If your going to live in a box behind your house then do it right. The only thing we are using the house for is the bathroom and showers. We are eating everything right out of the gardens and cooking it all on the grill. Tonight we are having grilled squash, fresh beans, chicken and smoked salad with spinach dip for the bread (Ok, the bread was bought). Let me tell you what, it does not matter where you lay your head, that is living right there.

The weekend sell has come and gone. The AC problem made it where we sold a lot more than we wanted to so to cover the cost of the repair if it is not a major replacement. If that is the case then we may be in the camper the rest of the summer.I convinced the repairman I was his top priority and he is now planning to be here tomorrow. Cross your fingers.

Oh, I almost forgot to finish my quail story. We managed to recover 29 out of about 100 quail this morning. That is a loss of around $200. I guess with all the people that came and went this weekend, somehow the door did not get locked and blew open during the night. I could get mad and curse Murphy one more time this week but it's nobody's fault, it's just one of those things. I know now that those doors to the brooder house needs to be spring loaded. What good is it to loose my religion over a stupid bird anyway?

Yall have a good week and stay cool.                    


  1. Well at least you got some of the quail back so its not a total loss. Mistakes always seem to make you do things better dont you think? Glad to hear you're keeping cool. Our capacitor went out in our air conditioner while we were home so that was a good thing because it could have blown up the entire thing and we really cant afford a new one. Luckily the company we called their repairman lived near us so they came out to our house in a couple of hours and fixed it. We need rain and it's been in the high 90's here for two seems to suck the moisture right out of your skin when you step outside.

  2. I'm SO proud of you, Redneck! I was already thinking 'ruh-roh' when you said you watched the quail glide gracefully over the fence and BEFORE you said you suddenly realized they were YOUR quail! But you kept your cool. Atta boy! You took the lesson from the experience (spring load the door!) and didn't let the stress of the situation drag you down. Way to go!

    : )

  3. Thank yall for the comments,
    Denise- Yall are not the only ones needing rain let me tell ya. My goodness is it dry here and the neighbors will not stop filling their pool. Theses shallow wells out here can't take much more. We have cracks in the ground you can stick your whole arm in.

    WWRWHOSSBOSS, now that is a mouth full,lol
    I did not see a point in having a heat attack over some stupid birds. It just is not in the cards for me to have quail. Our whole operation down at the old farm was destroyed by a bad storm and it put us out of the quail businees then. You would think I would learn.