Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lumber Galore

My job was shut down for the day for safety reasons so first thing this morning I went over to my dad's and helped with some fencing he was doing.
He let me know the owner of one of the old barns up the road a bit that blew down during the storms was getting ready to burn all that wood that came from it. They tore it the rest of the way down and just piled the lumber up and told me to come get what I wanted. So me and the wife and her friend R hauled home three loads of 2X4s, 2X6' and 2X8s, plus we brought home one full intact wall and some hand carved cedar posts the wife wants to use for decoration.
I was running really low on wood around here and this made it where I can now build the quail room. Them thangs are so wild you can't even open the door of the brooder house without them flying out. They are needing a new home and quick.
More of the big wall panels are still over there but my help all got hurt and I could not lift it myself so maybe if they have not burned by this weekend then I will be able make another run.

I think for the time being we have the heat under control for the animals. They are still hot but not as hot as they were. What is in the incubator right now will be our last hatch till September and next summer we intend to cut it off a little earlier than we did this year. It is either to hot or to cold with little room in between and it takes to much electricity to keep them alive.  

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  1. You did GREAT, Redneck! Yeoldfurt gets lots of opportunities for sturdy wood crates and pallets at his job, which he salvages for the wood. It's 'GREEN' to repurpose perfectly good materials like that!