Friday, June 17, 2011

Really Busy Weekend, But......

It looks like I will not have a spare minute this weekend to do what needs to be done on the Mini Farm, but the stuff I am doing is stuff that really, really needs to be done, do you follow?

Tomorrow I will be spending five hours at a test center with my middle girl. I can not tell you what kind of test she is taking or even what it's for. I know it cost $75 dollars and it takes five hours. That is $15 an hour these people are making per child for a test that is school required for the kids to take I do not have a clue what for. That sounds kinda like a government job.
After the big test I have to rush home and get everything ready for a special Fathers day supper me and my brother are doing for our Dad. This small gathering is also for heir anniversary so it has double meaning.
I am trying to get what needs to be cooked, cooked tonight so all I have to do is heat and go.
So that's how my Saturday will be spent. It's not being productive on the farm and it's not going to make me any money but the family time I will get is priceless.

Sunday will be spent at church and with all my girls, nothing else. That's living right there.

One quick note. If you get a chance to catch up on some blog reading you ought to go over and check out the blog Standing Outside Looking In  He is a Southern veteran with a big streak of independence and the newest member of the MDR family. Stop by and give him a real Redneck welcome.


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