Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thoughts Of A Redneck

These are the kind of questions and thoughts you would find running through the head of your everyday normal Redneck on a daily basis. Some might disagree but others will be shaking their heads yes all the way through.

10. If I run over that skunk right there, how long would I smell bad?
9. If I put my snuff way in the back of my mouth, would she notice when I kiss her? Cause man this Copenhagen is expensive.
8. I bet that purty woman in Walmart didn't hit on me because she's gay.
7. I wonder what a swim suit model would look like with a farmers tan?
6. With bigger tires on my truck, I bet I could get further out in the mud before I got stuck.
5. I wonder what it would look like if I shot a full beer with my shot gun?
4. Why did I just shoot my last beer?
3. Why are there so many dag gum cars on the road, aren't they all suppose to be at work?
2. The bonfires a going out, go get the gas can.
And the number one thing that goes through a Rednecks head on a daily bases is:
1. Come take my guns, I dare ya.


  1. Ha! I love it. But YES ...if the kiss is even half-serious, she WOULD notice the snuff no matter how far back you stick it! LOL

  2. Yup, I know WWRWH. I have had a embarrassing moment a time or two.
    I figured this post would have drawled more comments than it did but thank you anyway.

  3. MDR, My husband pours motor oil on our bonfire to get it going. Smokes up real nice too. LOL PS you see how far I've gotten. Been a little slow at work this week.

    1. Yup that would do it betsy.
      I hope I am keeping my lies straight. Let me know if you find something that does not match. I would go back and read them all but then I would probably end up deleting over half, like this one.