Tuesday, June 14, 2011

That Figures

I put up the link for the Modern Day Redneck T-Shirts about four months ago and was wondering why nobody has bought a single one. I know if I was not the MDR himself I would have already owned every design (I guess since I am I should anyway). So it got me to thinking that I had better check on why this is not working out like I had planned.
I finally had the chance to devote to it today and quickly noticed when you clicked on the link it took you to the site but nothing was on there to buy. After several minutes of searching for the customer service number I called and of corse it was a simple mistake that, you guessed it, I made.
I never noticed it because I was always logged in when I hit the link and it took me right to my design center.
Now the shop is up and running and you can choose from 10 different designs and can put them on anything from a coffee cup to a handbag. Please let me know if it works or not. I don't want to wait another four months to catch it. You can click on the shirt or the bold words "YES I WANT TO BE A REDNECK"
If you were wondering, all proceeds go right back into the Mini Farm and all it's many projects.

I am also working on something else I am calling my "secret project" when it's to hot to do anything outside. I will keep you updated but I can tell yall this, you will love it.     


  1. You may already do this, but why don't you have one of each size on display when you have your once a month sale at the mini-farm? People can see them and choose and appropriate size and there you go ...cha-chingo!

    : )

  2. Great blog, you have another follower.

  3. HossBoss, That is in the plans but I have to get the money to be able to buy my own shirts, lol

    Stephen, Welcome and thanks for becoming a MDR family member. If you need anything just let me know. All comments are always welcome and answered.
    Thanks again.